Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Personal Goals - Pre WOTLK version

With the recent announcement that there will be a patch in the next couple of weeks that will put us all on the Wrath client, I got to thinking what I would like to do before the expansion hits.

The biggest thing that I came up with was that I'd really like to do is clear out my quest log. Some people are good at keep them all done. I seem to get stuck with the group quests. Just never find motivation to ask people to do quests they're not even on. Keep in mind though, that I'm only planning on doing this with Leiandra. My other two 70's will just have their quest logs purged before I eventually head to Northrend with them.

Other than that, I don't really have any goals for before the expansion (as far as the individual side). I plan on downing a few bosses, but that's about it as far as outside of instances stuff.

What are you planning on doing or accomplising before the expansion comes out?


Michael said...

I really, really want to finish the "Champion of the Naruu' questline, I just need to get 24 other people to help kill Maggie. I've killed the guy a dozen times, but not when I had the rest of that stupid questline done.

Leiandra said...

rofl! I'm in the same boat. I've killed him dozens of times, but haven't completed all the heroics. Hopefully I can finish the last heroic and solo him. lol.

Steven said...

Well, about a month ago I got the crazy idea I needed 7 70s before LK came out. At that point I had 4 70s and a 64 and 2 62s leveled simply for trade skills.

I now sit with the aforementioned 4 70s, a 69 and two 67s... 7 levels to go!