Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Playing F5

If you've been trying to get Blizzcon tickets, or you've been following other blogs, you may know that there's been a bit of a fiasco trying to get Blizzcon tickets this year. Last year, tickets sold out in 3 days. This year, they increased the space for Blizzcon by 50%. Ever since they went on sale yesterday morning, there's been issues on their web site with the amount of traffic they've had. Store was up, store was down, and then then took it down for maintenance for all of the night, promising to bring it back up this morning.

Well, at 12:50, it went back up. At first, it appeared that they were sold out. And my heart just dropped. I was really excited to go, but then I realized that it wasn't the end of the world, and maybe it was okay that I wasn't going. But, I logged in (just in case it was somehow saved in my shopping cart from yesterday), and then navigated to the page again. And this time, it was avaialbe for purchase. So, I quickly ordered my ticket, and then called a few friends.

They got the Sold Out messages. Now I have tickets and they don't. Kinda bummed about that. Was really hoping to spend the days with some friends. Don't get me wrong, it will still be very cool to see everything, but would really like to see it with people I know.

There's no "official" post that they're sold out, so hopefully they're selling them in waves or something. I'll still be checking the site to see if they become available, but come on, Blizz? Shouldn't you have maybe thought about these traffic issues before Monday? Oh well... guess they're human as well.

But bottom line, Yes, Virginia, I'm going to Blizzcon.

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