Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Downtime Expected to Continue

I've actually been busy at work, which is a nice change, but it means that I don't take as much time to do "me" stuff like blogging. Then with moving next week and all the stuff we have to do to close on the house, well... don't expect to see much then either. Hopefully by the week after I'll see the light of day.

It's really not lack of topics. I've got a bunch floating around in my head. It's not you, it's me. lol. (Sorry, just sounded like a bad break-up line.) I'll probably post a quick "I got Blizzcon Tickets" once that happens next Monday. Other than that... I'll just consider this my "dead week"... just like back in High School for sports.


Crysannia said...

As a fan of your blogs, i feel personally neglected by the lack of posts lately..... jk :P

Elinor said...

bump! I second the motion!

Leiandra said...

Fine! You guys got your post. heh. I really do enjoy blogging/writing. It's quite therapeutic to me. I'm glad you guys enjoy reading.