Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wrath Preparation - Start Now

I was looking through my personal bank for Leiandra the other day, and I did a pretty good job at cleaning stuff out, but I still have things that have been sitting in there for a few years now. Being that I've had most of these items since before the last expansion went live, I have a feeling that as we get closer to the next expansion release, they'll be even further diminished in their value.

As an prime example of one of the items that lost value, let's look at Mooncloth. It used to have a cooldown of about 4 days (3 days, 20 hours). (As of patch 2.4.3, the cooldown was removed, but that was long after the expansion was released.) With a cooldown of 4 days, there will generally be an inherent supply shortage. While there were a number of high-end, level 60 items that could be made with Mooncloth, Outland drops were far superior. The only reason left to create Mooncloth after the expansion hit was for the 16-slot Mooncloth bags. But even those are "replaced" with Netherweave Bags (although the Mooncloth ones have the advantage of not being BoE).

In Classic Wow (pre-The Burning Crusade expansion), the Essences (Fire, Air, Earth, Undeath, and Water) were a pretty big crafting component. They'd go for a decent amount on the AH, and many areas were farmed for it. I remember spending long periods of time farming the 10 Fire, Air, Earth and Water that I needed for my Robe of Archmage. Again... only to be replaced shortly after entering the Outlands.

So, what can we learn from last expansion to apply to the upcoming one? Start selling now. I'm not saying you need to clear out your 6 tabs in your 1-alt guild vault, but you might want to start thinking about it, and maybe even slowly moving stuff out. I'm guessing that Primals will go the way of Essences, and whatever we're farming in WOTLK may even eventually drop motes as Essences are dropped in farming motes now. So, there's really no need to keep them locked up in your vault. Start to sell the ones you won't need. And do it slowly so you don't flood the market and drop the price.

I'll admit that we don't know a lot about crafting in Wrath of the Lich King, but we can assume that there will be better stuff. You don't use level 30 items to craft level 60 gear. Neither will you use level 70 items (primals) to craft level 80 gear. You might also want to slowly start moving out leather, cloth (Netherweave, Shadoweave, Primal Mooncloth, and Spellcloth), and ore. Don't get rid of all of it; you'll most likely need some for your first skill-ups above 375, but if you have an entire guild vault tab dedicated to Spellcloth for your one level 70, you might want to think about moving that stuff out. Also, the "expected" release date is still 4 or 5 months away. You may still be using some of that stuff for yourself before we all storm Northrend. You know your situation, act accordingly, but don't let the value of those items drop too much as we get closer to Wrath.

Side note: I recognize that a lot of people hold on to lower crafting materials for alts and whatnot. That's fine. Continue to do that if that's your thing. But even as Essences lost value (both monetary and skill up value), so will Primals. Will anyone think of crafting a 400g 20-slot bag when they may be able to do the same bag for considerably less materials from Frostweave?


Green Armadillo said...

The exception might be if you're an enchanter. I say this for three reasons:

- Since the SSO dailies went live, values of common level 68 disenchants went to heck, so you're selling low.

- TBC-quality enchants are better than no enchants for your leveling gear en route to 80.

- Enchanting materials have historically held their value better than other materials, partially due to the twink market and partially due to decreased supply for people who want to level the profession on a new character. It's easy enough to go farm up some essences/primals from lower level mobs, but farming multiple green items to disenchant is going to take time. The SSO dailies will help slightly since you can get 4 guaranteed random greens from the badge boxes, but there's a big difference between every player in WoW doing all the SSO dailies each day and a few disenchanters doing all the old dailies.

Galoheart said...

I've been selling stuff slowly week to week reducing my inventory as time gets closer to WotLK.

However having said that I have 2 personal Guild Banks run by 2 of my banking alts who between them both own 9 Bank Tabs. Whats interesting is that of those 9 Bank tabs about 4-5 of those are completely full of lvl 65-69 good green gear I picked up from drops/instances on my main.

Some had saved in hopes I leveled up another alt or 2 but I just dont have that much love to level alts. Only maybe saving some for one alt I think i may level maybe.

I guess i need to level a enchanter to just DE most of it. I got a SP at lvl 20 with MAX Enchanting at 225 I think it is for his level. But then again I just dont have that much love to level a SP or a clothy at that.

I'm guess I'll have to figure out what to do with all that much green gear as time ticks before the new exp.

Leiandra said...

@Green Armadillo - I'd say yes and no. There's going to be enough enchanters pushing to 450 that the steady stream of "/2 Free Enchants at SW steps" should be able to enchant all your green gear. But on the other side, you could hold on to it and wait for the supply to slowly diminish. Have you seen how expensive GEE's are? And that's if you can even find them on the AH.

Like my blanket statement said, you should know your needs and individual situation. Even enchanting, there may be a reason to sell at least some of your mats now.

@Galo- You do know I'd DE all that stuff for you, right? Just come and play on Bronzebeard. heh.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't clean out your bank tabs yet... keep in mind with a new expansion comes new players... they will buy low items as they lvl up. Also, something that is super cheap now like Peacebloom, will be used in the new craft. Who know is they will reuse other items as well.


Leiandra said...

Hmm... good point Fayt. But I could care less about the new players. They're freakin' poor. And they'll probably get gathering professions (or at least one) anyway.

But all those Death Knights? Yeah... they're gonna have to level up their Blacksmithing /Jewelcrafting /whatever some way. So "basics" like ore or herbs (in the case of alchemists) are going to be big ticket items. But again... Primals? Void Crystals? Fel Lotus? Nope, not so much. Not really needed to pass through 375 professions.

Galoheart said...

I'm not planning on worrying about low level stuff. What I keep will entirely be minimal on hand.

I'm planning to get rid of at least 80% of my current inventory of everything and have empty banks for refilling in WotLK. I do forsee inflation of items for new people joining the game as WotLK launches as most the player base are already above 70, which cause inflation to some degree below 60.

What I won't entirely get rid of is stuff people will need to level with in WotLK like a few important Elixirs for Alchemy or any herbs usable in the first few levels of the new exp. What I keep will be minimal still.

I rather have all my cash asset from AH now and secure than worry about making it later with speculation.

Yeah I really need a enchanter before WotLK to DE all my green stuff. I may just level my SP to 35 so he can get the new training at least. All that green in my bank add up to a ton of money in enchanting mats right now or AH money if sold.

Either way I'm in preperstion mode for WotLK. Main thing I'm planning on doing till then is making money and building ontop on my large warchest for WotLK. Blizz I'm sure will have some kind of must have money sink to get then.