Friday, May 30, 2008

Fun Quests: Introduction and Test Flight

Since I spend a decent amount of time leveling alts on non-raid days (although none of them have hit 70 yet), I thought I'd start a new "feature" focusing on some of the fun quests that I enjoy through my leveling process. I know a lot of these will be old news for many of you. It may bring back nostalgic for others. But I figured it might be fun to write about, and I always enjoy your comments about, well... everything. :) Plus, I may be better at getting screen shots, because I'm usually thinking about way too much during raids to remember. :) I may also make this a feature of "guess that fun quest", if you guys think that might be fun.

Today I'm starting with a group of quests in a zone I completely bypassed (except to farm for Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower through all of lvl 68 when it used to drop from the Razaani Spell Thieves pre patch 2.1). For those of you enchanters out there (or those that simply pay attention), you'll know that I'm talking about Blade's Edge.

I found most of the quests out at Toshley's Station to be quite entertaining. And what Star Wars geek wouldn't with all the Star Wars references floating around down there. I finished the last of the Test Flight series last night and stole a screen shot from Wowhead to prove it. :) This quest is called Test Flight: Ruuan Weald, and just like the other Test Flights, you get thrown into the air by some major electrical contraption, and then at the last second, when you're about to land, you get smashed into the ground (for a small amount of damage). What makes the Ruuan Weald version the best is that A) you get thrown the furthest, and B) you get to use a Nether-weather Vane that sends you twirling around in circles through the duration of your flight. It's a lot of fun.

You can also use the Test Flights to get thrown close to some of the objectives for the other quests at Toshley's Station. (I used Tour Guide to help with that coordination.)


Anonymous said...

There is also the one guy there out of Starship Troppers. Idk if you have been there for it or not Lei, but they have an event where a bunch of the crawler guys swarm up and attack the station, just like in the movie. It's pretty entertaining, I think I have gotten to see it twice. I'm not sure if there is a trigger (like a time a day) or if it's random.


Leiandra said...

Oh is that what was going on? I didn't catch that reference, but I saw the event once.