Monday, May 12, 2008

Old Skool UBRS

After a horrible, but successful Magtheridon run, and some honor farming for AV weekend, a small bunch of us thought it would be fun to run through UBRS just for kicks. There were 4 of us, and 2 of us had played long enough to remember the days when UBRS was kind of the "introduction" to raiding. Heck, we could also remember when UBRS was 15-man, but that's even more off the topic.

Our group consisted of myself (on my mage), one of our pally tanks (who was Retribution for the weekend, like usual), Elemental Shaman, an alt priest (level 51), and oddly enough, a 70 Pug hunter, that happened to be outside the instance portal while we were waiting for everyone to get there. (No summoning stones for us.)

The thought process in getting to the decision to run UBRS was something like, "Hey... won't this be fun?" And it kind of was, but it kind of wasn't. It might be fun to go run with a full group of 70's so we could just bust through it, but there's just too much trash to make it fun for just a group of 5. I'm not complaining or calling for a "Nerf UBRS". I'm just saying that nostalgic shouldn't have to take that long. :)

The most entertaining part of the evening was that the priest, who happened to be healing when it was needed, kept getting charged and pretty much one-shotted. I can't tell you how many times I heard "WTB rez, please." All said and done, with full red gear, I think she had a 1g repair bill though.

It got late, and right after The Beast, we decided to call it. Nobody else died at all. (And I do have to thank our priest for saving my butt quite a few times.) But there also wasn't really any motivation to see the rest. We'd shown 2 people most of what we endured over and over again at level 60.

I always thought it would be cool if Blizzard went back and did all the old skool instances with a heroic setting. Now having set foot in UBRS one more time... I'm really glad they didn't do that.


DadGuy said...

My druid still needs to get the stupid blood for attunement. I hate to delete that quest from my quest log, it's been in there for so long... =)

Leiandra said...

Oh, well now you're talking about going in there for a quest reason. I'd help out for that. But for pure sight seeing... yeah, I'm done.

crysannia said...

i still think heroic dead mines would be great...."u land lubbers are tougher than i thought!" lol

Anonymous said...

Seeing all of the old trash that mandatory for all old lvl 60 instances makes the new wrath stuff very appealing. The TBC stuff was better than the original, but Wrath is great. I ran a heroic AN in 15 min. with a great group. UBRS was at least 2 hours. Geared groups can clear Naxx heroic in 2 hours.