Thursday, May 8, 2008

Not So Daily Report

I'm sure all of you were sitting on the edge of your seats checking my blog every day to find out how we did on the night of Cinco de Mayo. And I left you all hanging. Bad writer. Well, I had the flu, so thinking really wasn't on my list of things to do for the past few days.

I did do some mindless grinding and questing on my druid though, and he hit level 43 (from about 39 or so). Yeah for mounts, although less of an impact since I had travel form.

Back to the subject at hand though... Monday night's raid was a pretty big success. We downed Fathom Lord Karathress with only 2 (or maybe 3 attempts (give me a break, I've been sick for 2 days)). Our kill order was Priest, Hunter, Shaman, boss. This fight is pretty similar to High King Maulgar in that the pull and positioning is about 90% of the fight. If you have the gear, once you get everyone in place, it's a pretty easy cake walk. That said, the priest frostbolted me to death, and I got to watch the rest of the fight from the ground for our first kill.

When we killed the Fathom Lord last night, it was a pretty clean sweep. It seems like a lot of sites out there tell you to leave killing the priest to last. That really doesn't seem to make sense unless you have a MT that can't generate enough agro. The additional spell that Karathress gets when you kill the priest is Tidal Surge. It basically puts melee in a ice block for 3 seconds every 10-15 seconds. But they don't lose agro and they still take damage. Seems rather harmless compared to the Spitfire Totems from the Shaman or the improved Beast Within from killing the Hunter.

Once the Priest is killed, that frees up healers to deal with the additional damage once the Hunter is dead. And if you leave the Shaman to last, you don't have to kite around Karathress when he drops the totems; you just have the raid kill them.

So, unless somebody can give supporting evidence otherwise, we're going to stick with our easy kill method of priest, hunter, and then shaman.

After only semi-success on Tuesday night (just killed Hydross), we took down Leo and Karathress in 1 shot on Wednesday night. See? It's an easy fight if you have the positioning.


Rohan said...

Blizzard appears to have nerfed the shaman's spitfire totem. Before, it was insanely hard to keep up the healers with the spitfire barrage. So you usually killed the shaman first or second to minimize the stress on the shaman healers.

Logan said...

Additionally, the shaman has the most potential to completely own his tank. If he gets a few windfury procs and a spitfire totem gets one pulse off at the same time it's GG tank... even if that tank is your best geared.

We used to take out the shaman first, just because in our experience he tends to pose the most threat to his tank of all three.