Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Daily Quest Discovered

Just when I thought I was aware of all of the daily quests, a guildie showed me a new one last night. Well, technically it isn't a "daily" quest, but more one that can be done every 5 days. What am I blabbering on about? Onyxia.

So, while this may not be news to a lot of people that Onyxia drops a pretty good chunk of money (180g), it may be news that she is very easily done with only a few people. We 6-manned it last night, but even that was pretty much overkill.

Yet another way to make money in World of Warcraft. Now, I'll admit that our group is pretty epic'ed out. But even a solid group of 10 people would get 18g for a pretty easy encounter. And if you really want... you can go farm T2 helms. :)


Logan said...

Holy crap!

My wife (destro warlock) just 2-manned Ony with a holy paladin from her guild (she specced SL/SL for the fight) a few days ago). She neglected to tell me what the payoff was! Now I want to get in on that action, dammit!

Leiandra said...

lol. That's how the relationship is with your wife, eh? I'd watch your RL bank accounts very closely. lol

From, her wealth is 182g 23s 68c.

Logan said...

I wondered why my credit card kept getting turned down...


Anonymous said...

Does Ony still require all raid members to have the key? That quest line is a real PitA. Although it would be nostalgic to run UBRS a few more times, I'd probably prefer farming motes for cash than making several trips to Desolace asking "anyone seen Rexxar lately?" (obviously I'm talking about the Horde-side quest line, never did the Alliance side).

(Smart-aleck answer to that question, by the way: "Try Blade's Edge!" :-)

Leiandra said...

You still have to be attuned to Ony, yes. Good luck in Desolace. :) Sounds like the Messenger in Westfall for Alliance (only for a much lower quest, obviously).