Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Falling Behind... Again

I was off of work on a personal day and then on jury duty so I'm a bit behind as far as work goes. But wanted to post a quick update. We're now at the 3/4 TK, 5/6 SSC position. We killed Tidewalker last night. Took one attempt to figure it out (got him to 75%), and then another attempt to actually down him. Yep... we have a great group of raiders.

So, we're still determining where we want to go next. There's the obvious of Vashj and Kael, but we're also toying with the idea to take on Winterchill and start farming for Hearts of Darkness for our shadow resist sets. (Oh, and the epic gem farm after the second boss is full of win as well.) Since it's reset Tuesday, we'll venture into our "farm" content for the next few days, so we have some time to figure out our next kills.


Talek said...

SSC and TK seem to be overrated IMO, not enough bang (gear wise) for the buck. It seems nowadays badge gear can get you ready for BT without clearing SSC and TK. If you can skip to BT and down a boss, then do it. (It's always fun to clear raids at least once though.)

Leiandra said...

We will down all of them at some point in time. The caster ring you get form Mount Hyjal attunement, Band of the Eternal Sage, is one of the best in the game. So yeah... we'll still do them eventually. :)

Logan said...

Go for Vashj and Kael first. They're two of the most fun/frustrating fights in the game. Both will teach you and your raiders more about how to work well together than any fight in BT or Hyjal. Plus you get the added bonus of the Hyjal ring, which is one of the best rings you'll get unless you get lucky with a future BT or Sunwell drop.

Logan said...

Oh and I don't know how it is on your server, or if this kind of thing matters to you, but on both of the servers I play on, there's a definite hierarchy between the "legit" Hyjal/BT guilds and the ones that only got in the doors because of 2.4.

Basically, if you're in tier six content without "Hand of A'dal," you catch a lot of flak.

Just figured I'd mention it since that kind of thing might matter to some of your raiders. (Or hell, just skip the old attunement and do what makes you happy!)