Friday, May 23, 2008

Revision of Previous Post

The only "posting" I'm going to do is to re-work my 11 tips for raiding post. Thanks to your submissions, it's grown to 30, so I'll include all of those. But this time I actually have a valid reason/excuse for slacking off. We're moving tomorrow, and I've been a bit busy packing up entertainment centers and computers and whatnot. (I guess the "whatnot" is the bulk of it, but my main responsibility (at least in my mind) is the other stuff.)

I did get off of work a couple hours early yesterday when power was knocked out at our building. The funny thing is: I work at the Electric Company. (Don't worry, the rest of the power grid was fine, it was just our location.)

I'm sure I'll be back on Tuesday. Have a fun, safe, and adventurous Memorial Day.


gnicodemus said...

Appreciated the tips. Good luck on your move! (I hate moving so I have great empathy) That's awesome that you got a couple extra hours 'cuz you lost power at the power company. :)

Leiandra said...

Oh, I hate moving too. I don't mind helping move boxes for others too much, but moving myself just sucks. The plan is that this will be our last move... ever. If we move again, the deal is that we'll have to have enough money to hire packers (not just movers) so I don't have to do a single, dang thing. :)

(Shh... don't tell my wife about the "deal". I haven't told her that yet, but we're on the same page about not wanting to move again.)