Thursday, May 29, 2008

Bugs, Speed, and New Content

I think I just got out of the habit of blogging. What with Memorial Day here in the U.S. and all... yeah. But wanted to share a couple of things with the readers.

First off: Al'ar was slightly bugged for us on Sunday night. We had our paly add tank sitting up against the wall tanking the adds. In Phase 2, Al'ar would go up into his Meteor ability and then come down on our paly tank. Because he was right up against the wall, we discovered that it would consider Al'ar out of the room and reset the boss. Wow was nice enough though to also leave the adds (at 100% mind you) for us to finish off. After having Al'ar reset on us twice, we figured that maybe it was time that we tanked the adds against the ramp wall (at the bottom) instead of near the door where they're usually tanked. It was a relatively easy kill after that.

Speed: On Tuesday night, we had everybody online and invited by two minutes before start time. We had the first pull by just after 5 minutes. And we smoked through Hydross, Lurker, and Leo. It was a good night. Wednesday night was back to the old "who can we borrow" game so that we could hit 25 people. I know people have RL issues and whatnot, but I really wish we could start at 8:30 each night like is scheduled.

New Content: And with us breezing through (mostly) TK and SSC, we're going to start on Hyjal this next Monday. It's not so much about the loot as it is Hearts of Darkness and epic gems that we need/want to farm. We won't go past the second boss until we down Kael and Vashj, but we want/need to start farming the Hearts for our resist gear. And the rate we're going through these bosses, we'll hopefully have enough resist gear for everyone by the time we need it. In my opinion, the speed of the game has changed quite a bit with all the Badge Gear. While you had to farm "lower" raids for a heck of a lot longer before 2.4, now you can just get your badges and have most of your items epic'ed out and almost walk into Mount Hyjal and further. So, we want to make sure we're ready for future fights asap... hence the Hearts of Darkness farming.


Matticus said...

Oh how right you are, Leiandra. I do believe that was Blizzard's intent: To help gear up players faster so they can experience as much as end game as possible before the release of Wrath.

Leiandra said...

Yep, and I think it's a good idea too. Let's the "hardcore" guilds get their server first, and then, with a patch and badge gear, let's the rest of us kind of catch up to see all the content. :)