Monday, December 17, 2007

Meeting Guildmates

Last night, I jumped online a little late for a ZA run to find out that one our main healers had a system failure (hard drive we suspect) on his desktop, and he was in the middle of downloading patches for his laptop.  He was patching from version 2.1, so it was taking awhile to get everything.  While I had yet to meet the guy in RL, I knew that he lived less than a ½ mile from me.  I jumped into the Vent channel he was on, and told him to come on over.

Within 10 minutes, he had come over.  We hooked his laptop up to my network, transferred the patches he needed, and then sent him home to actually apply the patches.  It probably saved him an hour or two of downloading.

He’s a neat guy; I think I’ve always liked him (at least as far back as I can remember).  He’s been in our guild for months and months.  I keep saying to myself that I should find some excuse to actually meet him, but I just never do.  So, I guess that was my good excuse.

I suppose that this isn’t the first Wow friend that I’ve met in RL.  I got to know my friend DadGuy through Wow, but he works with my best friend, so I knew he wasn’t an axe-murderer.  And I suspect that this guild healer isn’t an axe-murderer.  (Only time will tell, right?  Lol)

So, I guess I was simply wondering how many people actually go out and meet their Wow guildies in RL?  And I’m not talking about in a romantic way.  Just in a “hey, I wanted to meet my WoW friend” way.  Or a “Come on over and I can help you out” way.  Anyone?  Or am I a total freak of nature?


Muiran said...

I'm in two guilds, so I guess I have two answers.

The second guild I joined was that of a RL friend that re-joined WoW around the time my first guild fell apart. Aside from the RL friend, whom I see now and then, I haven't met any of the other guild members, since most of them live in the western US and I live in Ohio.

My first WoW guild was people I only knew through WoW, and I didn't know them before joining the guild. When the guild disbanded, some of the friends I had made were the only reason I didn't transfer servers and guilds. My friends from the disbanded guild ended up reforming, and several months later I attended the bachelor party (and subsequent wedding) of one of the guildies (the bride was also a guildie, though they met long before WoW). I think there was only one person at the bachelor party that wasn't on WoW/in the guild, but that may have been more because the groom-to-be had just moved 1000 miles or so, and that his brother and his brother-in-law(-in-law, or something). It was interesting to match up faces with voices I'd heard for nearly a year at that point, and to see some of the differences between online behaviors/persona and those in RL. Most of them live 500+ miles away, so there isn't much getting together on a regular basis.

jimbo said...

Make no doubt, you are a freak.

While most people out there aren't axe-murderer's, I find internet relations to be very interesting.

To show my geek-side, I related it to the prisoner's dilema.

Basically in a "game" where you play together over and over, it pays to cooperate with each other. While if you play only once it's best, strategically speaking, to not care for the other person.

I guess that's why my online relations are usually limited to real-life friends. (Being a nerd probably lends itself to that end as well)

But what I really want to know is how did you get the 1/2 to be one character?!?!?!?
That's Åmαzing!

DadGuy said...

I started out knowing a few, that's how I got started on WoW. But I've met you and I suppose I can confirm that you're a freak.

That's what you were looking for right?