Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Making it Easy

In the real world, it is much easier to make money when you have money.  In it’s simplest form, if you have $10 million dollars sitting in a simple savings account at a dividend rate of 1%, you’d make roughly $100,000 per year.  Of course, you’d probably get a much higher rate than that, but you get the idea there.  While people of lesser RL assets may be playing Flip this Tree House, savvy investors may be making a few million dollars on flipping businesses.

World of Warcraft is much the same way.  While it’s not always the money you have that makes the big impact, but the level that you’re at.  Quests at level 1 provide a few copper at best, where quests at level 70 generally provide no less than 5 gold.  At the copper rate, it would take eons for a level 1 toon to save up for a mount.  (Thank goodness that the money scales and we have 39 levels to raise the funds.)

Then there are these daily quests that I’ve spoken of that can be an awesome profit center.  Expecting a night of wipes learning a new boss?  Great!  Do a couple dailies, and you’re set for the night.  But wait, there’s a catch… you have to be level 70.

I’m not proposing that this changes.  I’m merely pointing out the ease of raising money once you’re in a particular situation.  Furthermore, once you’ve laid out the 5000g for the epic flying training, you can start working on the Netherwing and open up a whole slew of other daily quests.  In fact, if you do 7 quests, you can get 55 gold in quest rewards alone.  That’s not even counting all of the gray drops or other greens that you might find.  Plus, you can still do 3 more daily quests for even more cash.

I was reminded of this last night when I thought I’d go help out the guild by farming Primal Life.  After what seemed like an abnormally long time to get 10 motes, a friend pointed out that in that time, I could have done a number of daily quests, bought more Primal Life than I had farmed, and increased my rep with Netherwing as well.

I don’t have a high level miner, that may be the exception to this rule, but… Farming is for Suckers.  Go out and do your dailies.


jimbo said...
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Shalkis said...

There's also the fine art of AH bargain-hunting. If you have enough money, you can even corner the market on some commodities and set your own prices. Or you can end up with a huge surplus of unsellable goods.

Galoheart said...

Learning to make money in WoW can become a art and craft in itself. You could easily had gone as you say to work on doing a few Netherwing dailies and easily made more money than farming motes for Primal Life depending on server price.

Then again you can flip that on its head like this. How easy is it to get 10 motes for Primal life. Pretty easy. Head out to Skettis. Find one of the 4 lvl 71 i think it is Elite Tree Rangers walking about and put a wacking on them. Take a min to a few mins. There are 4 of them. So kill 4 of them in 10 mins. I'm a P.Paladin i can find and kill all 4 in 10-15 mins. Each one drops trash grays. But if your a herbalist like me or have one as a friend you can skin the forest ranger elites and get about 3-5 motes each plus at least 3-4 different kind of high level herbs in about 2-4 each herb. Plus for killing each you get 30 reps with the Skyguard for reps.

Don't take long to make the rounds find each one in a clockwise rotation then back to the first one as by then it would have respawn. Learning to make money is both a art and craft if you study what drops what when you kill stuff.

I'm doing Netherwing Quests. Started 5 days ago from Neutral. I'm not 4.5K reps from Exalted. I put a lot of effort into it. Here is what i figured out at bare minimun making money. Besides anything else that can drop in the mines when i'm on the daily quest. I've figured out it nothing else i can take 10-15 mins run through on section of the mines and AoE ever single flayer mob and ravager there. All the junk grays i pick up would leave me a bag full of junk. Turn that in to the vendor and i can get about 20-30g easy. However in doing all that lots of greens would have dropped also for AH for even more money.

Finding ways to make money is not hard. Putting forth the effort is. There are all kinds of ways to make money. Learning to manipulate the AH market is a fun way to make money it itself. That too can be a art in itself.