Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Akil'zon Down

Last night, we ventured into Zul’Aman, and we finally downed Akil’zon.  I’d post the picture, but since I don’t have direct access to Blogger1, it’s kind of a challenge.  /sigh.  The main issue that I think we were having was to make sure that everyone bunched up for the Electrical Storm.  We’d either all bunch up and he wouldn’t do the storm for a few seconds causing massive amounts of damage due to Static Disruption, or he’d catch somebody in the Electrical Storm that was so far away from everyone else that by the time we all got over there, it had killed at least one person.

We had him down Sunday night to about 2%.  I’m not sure what exactly happened in the end as I wasn’t there for that night.  Last night, it really seemed like smooth sailing once we got some of the kinks2 worked out.  Congratulations to Simiavus who won the Chestguard of the Hidden Purpose.

1. I’ve been contemplating changing domains as a number of my fellow Bloggers have.  My main reason would simply be to have direct access to my blog again.  It probably won’t be until after the holidays, but if you’re going to subscribe to my blog, sign up via http://feeds.feedburner.com/zanderfinswowcasualraiding, so that you don’t get left behind.  And if you've already subscribed, take the time to update the address.  Thanks.

2. I generally play Wow on my couch on my laptop.  It’s a couple years old, but still does a great job… mostly.  As we were headed up the gauntlet to the Eagle Boss, I was main tanking and getting about 5 fps.  As I engaged Akil’zon, that dropped to about 2 fps, and I couldn’t even tell what was going on at all.  I had told the raid, but we didn’t want to lose out on chances due to my downtime of changing computers.  When I couldn’t even tell if I was successfully lacerating, it was a tell-tale sign that we would wipe.  We wiped.  I switched to my desktop.  I got a rez, and then tanked at my no less than 30 fps.  I really need a new laptop.  Lol.


jimbo said...

You don't need a new laptop. I remeber seeing your laptop cruise on WoW in widescreen. Just turn down some of the video settings, clean up your computer by turning off unnecessary processes, and stop downloading things you shouldn't be and you'll be fine.

If you get that $4K laptop, I will have to disown you as a friend, because I would have to get one and then my wife would leave me. Now what kind of friend would do that?

Matticus said...

Congratulations on the Eagle kill! =)

If you were good this year, maybe Santa will stuff you a nice little something in your stocking!

Galoheart said...

Grats on the Zul'Aman Eagle Boss kill.

@Jimbo, Laughts too funny.

I play on my G5 Mac. Its about 2+ years old and WoW runs fine. I used to play on my Mac Powerbook, but was just too small to play on with finger room so i just play on my desktop.

Cleaning up your PC does help a bit.