Monday, December 10, 2007

WTB AH Greens

It was a busy weekend with the holiday season, events, and a Christmas concert, so I didn’t get too much noteworthy Wow time in.  The one thing I did accomplish was to get a group to go back in and defeat Pandemonious.

I logged in late Saturday night and asked a few guildies if they wanted to come in to Heroic Mana Tombs with me.  We ended up with me (the tanking druid), a mage, a holy paladin, a resto druid, and a pug warlock (everyone else was in an instance).  I told the pug that my focus was killing Pandemonious.  With my remembered gear, a few other AH greens, and a Shadow Resist Aura, I was sitting at about 240 Shadow Resist.  Granted we did have two healers, but I was taking considerably less damage then our other tanks that tried this boss.  It was almost trivial.

The funny thing was that I was mostly in green AH gear.  It seems that Blizzard has provided all these great resist gear items for plate wearers of epic and superior quality, but for the leather tanks, they get random drop greens that have stamina and resist on them.  Maybe I just have to get over my prejudice towards the purple items.  The same can be true for the tanking mage in the fight with High King Maulgar… just a lot of green plus stamina gear will usually do the trick.  So, maybe it’s situational, but don’t underestimate the green items you see drop.

On another note, I got the recipe for the Stormchops from the daily cooking quest.  I made a few, but have yet to see them in action.  I suppose it will be of most use to my Enhancement Shaman when he gets another 3.5 levels (level 55 requirement for the Stormchops).  I also got a world enchanting drop of Enchant Weapon – Potency.  I used it since I didn’t have it, but at a Auctioneer value of about 600g on my server, I may have made the wrong decision.  Is +20 Strength really worth it?  Well… I have it if anyone wants it.  Heh.


DadGuy said...

Warriors and ret paladins come to mind with +20 strength, but I suppose any melee class could use that depending on spec and what they were trying to accomplish.

As far as the druid resist gear... At least there is gear for that now. Pre-BC druids could tank about as far as MC (with crazy work to get the FR gear for that). After that they just couldn't keep up because the gear just wasn't there.

At least nowadays they have the option to attempt it, though there's nowhere near the gear for druid tanks that there is for warrior tanks. I am assuming pallies are in a similar boat, though at least they can wear the resist plate if they have to.

Shalkis said...

Platewearers only get additional frost/nature resistance for Hydross, but the rest of the epic resist gear is available for all. Epic fire resistance gear is purchasable with badges from G'eras (and rare craftable patterns from Aldor/Scryer). Shadow Resistance gear is craftable once you reach the Ashtongue Deathsworn inside the Black Temple. Everyone gets a rare craftable Arcane Resistance set as well, but that isn't really required unless you are assigned as the Curator's Hateful Bolt soaker on your first attempts.

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