Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Supply and Demand - Rock Band edition

Christmas was quite successful this year at my house.  The wife said it was her best Christmas ever.  The kids have played with all their toys and seem generally excited about them.  And I blame Amazon for not getting my big present this year.

Let me preface this paragraph by saying that it’s standard practice; I understand that.  When something new comes out such as a video game, then there is a chance that there will be more pre-orders than there are actual units.  Well, my wife pre-ordered Rock Band for the PS2, but Amazon came back to her at the beginning of December and told her that they were canceling her order due to too many pre-orders and not enough actual units being shipped to them.  My wife and my mom have spent time every day searching for another copy of it for me.  I recognize all the hard work they put into it.  They even went to Circuit City once to pick one up after a confirmation through a phone call, only to find out that it was the PS3 version.

So, I now have permission to go buy one, I just have to find one.  Ah yes, I can certainly go buy one for $400 through a seller on Amazon or Ebay, but I’m not that impatient.  Furthermore, price gouging like that really doesn’t sit well with me, even if I’m the one making the profit; so, I don’t buy or sell stuff like that.

The other option, I suppose is to buy a PS3 and then buy the Rock Band bundle for that one.  Since it’s been out longer, I’ll probably even have an easier time buying an Xbox360 and then the bundle for that system.  But Rock Band is the only console game that I seem to be remotely interested in buying at present, and it’s been that way for awhile.  Sure, I’ve also been into all of the Guitar Heroes games, but that only required a PS2.  And while the downloadable content would be very cool, I can’t justify spending what would amount to about $600 just for one game.

So, I’ll wait.

I also got the Nostromo n52 SpeedPad for Christmas.  I have to pick up a USB hub to support my cable management system (I have enough extra ports), which I’ll do today so I can start playing with it.  I’ll take some time to play with it before I write up a review on it or how I use it.

And for my last point, after opening only 3 Ethereum Stasis Chambers, I got a Mark of the Nexus-King.  That puts me one step closer to summoning Yor.  I’m not sure why I have this obsession.  Just the last reputation that I really want besides Netherwing, I suppose.  (Which is slowly progressing as well.)

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DadGuy said...

Yeah, it'd be cool to summon yor.

I got a metal detector from my dad, which will be cool. That and one of these.

I'm glad that things went so well this christmas for you!