Monday, December 31, 2007

"Life" Outside WoW

Tis the season to be sick.  Without going into details, suffice it to say that I haven’t been feeling well.  That’s my only excuse for not blogging on Friday when I had said I would.  But on to other things.

I know this is a WoW blog, and I usually only talk about WoW related things.  I know I’ve ventured out into Starcraft 2 on a time or two, and even talked about some board games here and there.  But I may venture out a bit more today.  (Yes, yes… I’ll get back to WoW in the New year.)

Last Wednesday, my wonderful wife took the kids and went to her mother’s house so that I could have an all-day guy party on Thursday with friends that were around for Christmas.  It was a really fun day.

I got the killing shot on two Battlemechs when we were playing Battletech.  (I really wish I had more local friends that played that board game.  Haven’t played it in years, and used to all the time.)  We took on Onyxia in the WoW TCG, but with only 4 decks.  With our mostly white cards, we probably needed a 5th to make it happen.  Got to the last phase of Onyxia and only needed 11 more hit points to kill her.  (With all phases, she has 100, I think.)  Played some Sid Meier’s Pirates.  (Fun game.  Played the old one a lot.  The new one has some nice, updated additions (like graphics you can actually see).)  And even got some WoW time in as well.  It was an awesome day.

I was feeling sick since Monday, but Friday hit me especially hard.  Hard enough that I slept a lot and stayed home from work as well.  (No sleeping on the job for me.  :P)  But got in a fair amount of mindless Wow as well.  (Farming anyone?)  The family came back mid-afternoon; and by the evening, I thought the kids would enjoy seeing the Pirates game, so I headed off to my local Best Buy to pick it up.  On a curiosity, I went over to the video game section first to see if they had Rock Band for the PS2.  I was slightly amazed to see 8 PS2 boxes of Rock Band.  I grabbed one and headed for the check out.  I guess I’ll put Pirates off for a few months.  Lol.

Rock Band is a lot of fun.  Kind of challenging to do the drums, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it.  All of the equipment is actually PS3 compatible, if I ever want to buy one of those.  The mic doesn’t work, but I headed over to the EA support site, and they’re shipping me a new one.  It was kind of really easy to replace the mic.  I had read there were a lot of equipment issues with the PS2 version.  I wonder if somehow there’s a special PS2 version of the mic, and they just didn’t bother including it in my package for some reason.  Like maybe those were in short supply or something.  Maybe that’s just a conspiracy theory.  At any rate, great fun.  And if you have an opportunity to play, I would highly suggest it.

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