Friday, December 21, 2007

High End Crafting Mats

I probably should have done some research on my own Auction House before posting this article, but instead, I’ll use the cheap imitation of WoWEcon.

Another one of the services I offer is that I maintain the sticky post on my realm forums for all the crafted items that people can produce and that can help others.  Lately, I’ve noticed that one of the raiders from our realm has been getting some high end patterns that will allow him to produce some of the items that have an item level of around 141.  Most of these crafted items seem to require at least one Heart of Darkness.  Those Hearts only drop from Mount Hyjal and Black Temple.  For my realm, that means that there’s only 4 guilds (or roughly 100 people) that can get any of those Hearts at all.  Per WoWEcon, at least somebody’s putting them up on the AH for about 500g a pop.  So, that means that my Bracers of Nimble Thought would cost me about 2000g.  (I can farm the rest of the mats myself.)

First of all, I was a little surprised to see these on the AH at all.  I figured that the guilds would keep them all to themselves providing the materials to guild crafters for epic, home-grown items.  I guess there’s always the possibility that these guilds have used all they can, and want to cover the repair bill for everyone for a night.  They know they’re going to get more (an 8% drop rate isn’t too horrible).  Maybe only one of the guilds has been lucky enough to get the pattern drops.

At any rate, even with my new-found wealth at having my Flying Epic Mount, I can’t imagine spending 2000g on bracers.  Furthermore, I have the Bands of Negation, so I’d really only gain +5 Spell Damage and +2 Stamina, lose 2 Intellect, and gain 28 spell haste.  (And armor doesn’t count for PVE.)  Hmm.. for 2000g?  Yeah, I think I’ll pass.

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