Thursday, December 20, 2007

Who's Fault Is It?

I had this kind of random idea, so I decided to post it both here and on my guild forums.  Check me… I’m reblogging.  Lol.  The question is this: Who got you started on WoW?  I’ll go first.

I’ll back up a bit and explain my MMO history.  I was initially against spending a monthly fee for a game, although I liked the idea of always playing with real people and not just AI.  When Everquest II came out, my boss at the time, who had played Everquest for years, helped give me the small push to play.  He said we’d group and be able to do stuff together and whatnot.  For the 6 months or so that I played, I think I grouped with him twice.  But I really enjoyed the guild I had found and the online friends that I had made.  I also really enjoyed the idea of playing with other people.

During that time, a good RL friend (Hi, Jimbo) played with me and then quit.  About that time, Guild Wars came out, and the idea of no more monthly fee appealed to the both of us.  We played it for a bit, got to level 20, and then found that the maturity level of the players just wasn’t all that great.  Who knows… maybe we just didn’t find a really active guild, I don’t know.

My best friend (Hi Elinor) had been playing WoW since beta, and at about that time, his brother (who I also grew up with) decided to start playing WoW as well.  It was only a matter of time, and I’m sure I was going to pick up the game very, very soon; but conveniently enough, my wife bought it for me for my birthday.  And I’ve been hooked ever since.  So, to answer my initial question, even though my wife bought it, I’d say my best friend was the one that got me started on WoW.  Who’s fault was it that you’re now hooked?


Anonymous said...

My WoW addiction was started really by me..

Aug '06, I saw the game was on fileplanet along with a 10-day free trial. I figured, why not. Well its been downhill from there. I also got hubby into playing!

jimbo said...

I blame you.

I've played MMORPGs since the beginning. Let me give you a history:
Ultima Online
Dark Age of Camelot
Asheron's Call
A Tale in the Desert
EVE Online
World of Warcraft
City of Heroes/City of Villains
EverQuest II
Guild Wars

I started playing WoW from beta. I got tired after level 10, thinking this is just like all the rest (grind, level, grind). I went on to others MMORPGs, playing mostly with friends (Although it seems I was never on when they were). I have seen Leiandra in many forms, always a mage though. Leiandra got me playing WoW again, then I left for a season, and now I'm back. So I still blame Leiandra. (At least we are on at the same time now :)

Pablo said...

I have two guilty parties. My best friend was playing on a PvP server forever and would tempt me with visions of glory, while I was still in school. Smart enough to avoid wife and school aggro, I waited until I had graduated before I started playing. That leads us to guilty party number two, my Brother in Law who bought the game for me as a graduation present, and then TBC for Christmas when it came out. He also plays, on a different PvE server (of course) so I have two main toons, both Hunters, on lvl 63 PvP, and the other lvl 56 PvE.

Galoheart said...

It was my friend Willow from Secondlife. We used to RP in Secondlife as friends in a group as if we were in some mythical land. Willow a RL nurse played WoW in her spare time. Used to tell me how great it was, she had a 35 NE Hunter. So I finally gave in and said I would do a trial of WoW. I did, I liked It and along the way my friend Willow somehow quit WoW. That was the sad part since I made it to 70 not but a few months later all on my own. I missed my good friend, she just played WoW long enough to get me in. It was her fault I guess that I now play WoW. I should do a blog post of it sometimes.

Matticus said...

I answered your question =).