Monday, December 3, 2007

Links Fixed?

Almost 2 months ago, I had to start e-mailing my posts to my blog since I don't remember to do it from home, and the company I work for has blocked all Blogspot traffic.  We also use... umm... an inferior e-mail program (in my opinion) than the one that most of corporate America seems to use, so links can't be easily posted in like I thought I could do.  I guess I don't link as many things as I thought I did since it's taken 2 months for somebody (2 people actually) to point out that my links aren't working.

So, as to Friday's post of the top 5 things... head on over to The Forgotten Monk to see the top 10 things that I posted.  And if that link doesn't work, I'm ditching Lotus... errr... the e-mail program that I'm unfamiliar with, and I'll figure out another way.  And in case it didn't work, my post can be found at the following:

p.s. I'll work on fixing past links for those that might want to go back and see anything.


Sirsha said...

Looks like you got them fixed :).

Notlok said...