Friday, December 7, 2007

Heroic Mana Tombs and Gear

So, I guess it’s just my week to complain about Heroic Instances.  Last night, I got in a guild group to help with the previous day’s Heroic daily quest (that somebody still had) of Mana Tombs.  I’d been in there a few times before.  I knew the instance was tough too.  And sadly, we didn’t even make it past the first boss, Pandemonius.

We got the general strategy down: don’t attack when he has his Dark Shell up.  The hunter and I (on Leiandra) stayed at max range so we wouldn’t get hit by the Shadow Bolts.  Our paly tank would just get eaten up, and the druid healer had a hard time healing him.

He deals all shadow damage, so with the proper resist gear, he really shouldn’t be too bad.  Of course, our tank only had about 80 shadow resist, so that was probably a big part of the problem.

I checked my druid to see how much resist gear I had, and came up with about 80, and that was with Mark of the Wild.  I forgot about a bunch of pieces that I had in the bank that would have brought it up to about 170.  And I bid on two more pieces that were on the AH that would push me way over 200 with still a good amount of stamina.  (Armor would be useless for this fight since it is all magic damage.)  I’ll have to try tanking him with my full shadow resist outfit.  I’m sure the fight will still be a challenge, but it’d mean that the druid wouldn’t have to spam heals on the tank.  I’ll have to let you know how that goes.


DadGuy said...

I've done that before with ~150 shadow resist at the minimum level on non-heroic. It was quite easy, so you should have no problems assuming a competent healer.

Galoheart said...

Paladins don't have that much Shadow resist for such instances. TO me its a design flaw by Blizzard. None of our Resist Aura scale with level or gear and its the same level of resist for a magical tank as almost every other class at basic level.

Having to wear massive amount of shadow resist gear is another one of those things in the 1001 stats and gear set we already have to struggle with to go our job as it is. I never like going to Mana Tombs on Heroic all that magic damage just eats at my health.

Mosshoof said...

I was lucky enough to be able to do that instance with a priest healing -- Prayer of Shadow Protection can come in handy.