Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heroic Dailies

For whatever reason, I’ve been focusing on the daily quests a lot lately.  There’s obviously a desire for me to finally get my Netherdrake or get my epic flight form for the druid, but the rep and the money aren’t the focus of today’s post.  Today, I’m going to talk about the daily heroics.

Pre-patch 2.3 (when the daily heroic and 5-man quests were introduced), there always seemed to be a huge desire to run Heroic Mechanar for the “easy” badges.  If you completed the whole instance, you’d get 5 badges.  If you just did the easy stuff, you’d get 3.  That’s not bad for an hour’s work.  It seemed that I was running roughly the same instances for the same elusive gear, and happen to be collecting badges at the same time.

Now that patch 2.3 has had enough time to settle in, I’ve realized that it’s been really nice having a daily heroic.  It’s almost as if it’s the suggested heroic of the day.  You get 2 more badges for completing it, you get 25g, and if you should happen to need an additional PUG (or two), there’s usually plenty of people in the LFG tool for that instance.

There other nice thing that I alluded to is that it gives you a chance to see some of the instances that you might not have seen before or for awhile.  Haven’t seen Hellfire Ramparts since level 61?  Guess what?  It’s the heroic of the day.  Haven’t seen Thrall in Hillsbrad Foothills since you helped the last group of guildies get Kara attuned months ago?  You’ve now got to go there for an Epoch Hunter’s Head.

While I know this to may get old, at least it spices things up a little.  It helps you get a few more badges.  And it also helps give some motivation for some of those 75-badge items you’ve been drooling over.  So now there’s one more reason to do your dailies.


jimbo said...

/e wipes the drool from his face after looking at the badge rewards.

Heroics rock! And daily heroics are just the icing on the cake!

Now if I could only convince the rest of the guild that Heroic > Zul'Aman.

While I'm sure Zul'Aman is great when it's on farm, trying for 2 days and getting one boss down just doesn't get the drool flowing as much as getting 7 badges.

Let me put it another way.

1 Heroic daily run takes about 1-2 hours max, chance of winning in a good group of guildies is about 95% I'd guess. Each person gets 7 badges, that's 35 badges. 2 groups of heroic dailies = 70 badges. Soooo in the time that it takes for our guild to currently down one ZA boss, we could get 140 badges.

Now, what's the loot difference? 140 badges = 2 purple loots, ZA boss = 1 purple loot (unless you get the time bonus, which is not happening yet)

Heroic = 2
ZA = 1
2 > 1
Heroic > ZA


Galoheart said...

I like the change for the Heroic Dailes. Even if i don't get to run them everyday. Its good overall for the game and the challenge. Like you said many instance you havent seen for a while. Its good to go back and visit and have a Heroic Challenge.