Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Group Composition Matters

Primogeniture has had a number of new recruits, and we’re slowly getting to the point where we’ll soon be able to put Gruul’s Lair back on farm.  Even though there were a few people that weren’t online yesterday, we still had enough to run two full Kara groups, and I even got to bring in Leiandra (yeah!).  My group composition happened to be 1 Prot Paladin, 1 Prot Warrior, 1 Holy Paladin, 1 Healing Priest, 2 Shadow Priests, 2 Mages, a Hunter and a Warlock.  In case you weren’t counting, that was 3 Shackles, 2 Turn Undeads, 1 Ice Trap, and 1 Banish (when the occasion would arise).  It made the instance quite easy.  We killed everything through Opera, but since we got a late start, decided to put off the rest for another night.

After Karazhan, I recruited a bunch of guildies to help Justicar get that one more badge.  We headed into the heroic instance of the day which happen to be Mechanar.  The group that were interested happen to be me, Prot Paladin, Resto Druid, Rogue, and Enhancement Shaman.  “Me” being Justicar, that’s a lot of melee power.  So, I figured I’d get the badge another day.  We skipped Nethermancer Sepethrea (is she even possible on Heroic), and went straight for Pathaleon the Calculator.  We couldn’t seem to down him, what with our rogue that kept stabbing us all in the face.  So, when I was ready to give up, it was suggested that I grab Justicar, who was parked just outside.  I tanked Pathaleon, Talek tanked the adds, and he was dead in one shot (with that group).  We attempted Sepethrea, but our first attempt wasn’t fun, and we were all very tired.

But before I logged off, I turned in the daily and purchased my new bracers.  For some strange reason, at about 2 o’clock in the morning, I decided to check my blog and update some of the non-links that I had.  Only then did I read DadGuy’s response that I should save up for the Waistguard of the Beast.  He’s right.  He’s almost always right when it comes to Wow Theorycrafting, and even more so when it involves Druid Tanking.  My only consolation is that with the number of active tanks we once again have, I’ll probably go back to Leiandra full time, since I’m just a mage at heart.  So, who knows how long it would have taken to get the other 25 badges?  Oh well.


DadGuy said...

Heh, go figure.

It's not a bad upgrade for sure, and especially if you're going back to Leiandra it's not a big deal.

Congrats on the full purple set!

jimbo said...

Hah! That'll teach not to listen to dad!

I feel famous now, my toon Talek is on your blog.

It takes about a week to get 20-25 badges if you are raiding kara and do 2-3 heroics. Kara is the badge machine now you get 2 badges per boss.