Monday, October 1, 2007

Personal Fishing Contest in SW

You'll have to excuse my lack of posting on Friday. I've been enthralled by working out kinks to integrating a phpBB3 forum with eqDKP and BossProgress. All in all, I believe I've got everything done where we could have that launched with my guild's web site. The only question now is, how do we want to handle DKP? It's been a huge struggle, and I won't bore you with details. As Matticus said recently, "No system is better then that of human discretion. Always use it. Different ways to handle loot are useful for different types of Guilds. Find out what works best for you."

But that's not the point of today's post. As I mentioned before, I've been leveling up my fishing a bit. (Yes, yes... nothing to do with raids, I know.) I pretty much went to town on Saturday, getting Leiandra skilled up. I got from about 200 up to 225. I went all over the world doing the fishing quest. (Remember to bring baubles for the fishing quest, it'll make it much faster; I forgot.) And I now have the ability to raise my fishing up to 300.

After that quest, I thought I'd settle down in Tanaris to get some more fish. Still unwilling (or too lazy) to go buy baubles, a fair number of fish were getting away. I was well aware that fishing in higher zones gives you the same amount of fishing "experience" as the lower zones do. It's all based on number of catches, and not relative level (such as mob experience is). I had long ago leveled my cooking to a respectable 364, so it's not like I needed the fish for that skill. My thought process was that getting higher fish would sell for a higher price. While this was technically true, my main objective was to skill up my fishing so that I could eventually catch things in the high level areas like Nagrand.

So, while I was catching some more valuable fish in Tanaris, the return on my investment was most likely much lower due to the many fish that escaped my deadly hook. Upon having that epiphany, I quickly teleported back to SW, and fished like crazy. My skill is now sitting at 264.

I bring this up for the fishermen in us all. I think it's one of the few parts of WoW that most people don't care about too much. Personally, I enjoy it. Nothing's better than kicking back with some friends and having a fishing night. (I spent all of my fishing time chatting with friends.) It's such a change of pace. And, and higher levels, it can be lucrative as well. Of course, if I keep up my career in Stormwind, I'll continute with my 4-5 copper per catch. It looks like I'll have to leave eventually, but when? When is a good point to really get serious in fishing in places outside of Stormwind?

p.s. We should be trying Mag again tonight after we kill Gruul. Hopefully we'll have enough tanks online to give it a shot.


DadGuy said...

Well, at fishing 317 (with a +20 fishing pole) I was able to fish without a lure in zangarmarsh and I was unable to catch anything. With a +75 fishing skill lure I only rarely get a fish that gets away.

Hope that helps.

Happy fishing!

Mosshoof on Baelgun said...

I got my fishing up to 239, but then lost steam for a while to concentrate on leveling up to 58 so I could go to outland.

My main's a druid, so for a while I was starting and ending my play sessions by porting to the Moonglade and fishing there. The buff food (nightfin soup and sunscale salmon) are nice to use, too.

I am planning to keep on levelling fishing -- the cooked food is definitely worth it, and I don't want to pay AH prices.

Mosshoof on Baelgun said...

Forgot to say -- don't forget the definitive fishing guide at

Leiandra said...

Yes, I saw the "definitive fishing guide", but sites always make me leery when they say "based on beta". TBC has been out for like 9 months now. You'd think they'd have time to update it. But yes, good information there.

Galoheart said...

Great to see someone enjoy fishing.

Personally i LOVE to fish. I'm a avid fisherman. Maybe its because i have a patient mentality maybe and can stand there for a hour or two or three and fish till my bag is totally full.

Before i hit outland i had 375 fishing! Thats how much fishing i did. Fishing can make you money on a good server if you know what to catch and WHEN or WHERE. In Azeroth my favorite palces as a Horde as the "Forbidden Sea" off the coast by the horde camp in Hinterlands by the coast. I always fished where the water was deep blue.

In Azahara i Fished in "Bay of Storms" out off the coast a bit on a tiny insland fron the naga's on the coast. Nothing bothers you there as there is a lone NPC Night Elf Quest giver there by a cave with 3 demon minions. He looks like Aturis the quest giver in Nagrand. However you can fish there unbothered and it will net you lots of Dark Lobsters/StoneScale Eel (Valuable) and other variety. Always best to catch late at night after 11pm or early morning for greater %. Feralas has good fishing too. Lakes the Hinterlands at night yield NightFin fish which good for mana at <60 level, sells good.

WoW has a fishing timer. that varies on a 6 hour cycle. like 6-12, 12-18, 18-24hrs. As the time in game changes so do the spawn rate of the fish and TYPE you can catch. When your good and level up you can fish in Zangermarsh, Nagrand, Terokkar or the High altitude lakes in Terokkar which needs a mount to get to (need 375 fishing, a damn good pole and +100 fishing there to catch anything good) or any the other zones much easier.

But overall fishing is just fun. I hear they will be adding some new fished in upcoming patch and new recipies for food also. In the end all the best food buffs are from fishing, so there is a reason to level the profession.

Galoheart said...

Oh, in my bag i always have my fishing Rod, so i can just pull over and fish at any moment. Sometimes i also have lots of +75 lores.

Leiandra said...

Yeah, I always carry the fishing pole in my bag (not like I've been able to use it much since until recently; my fishing has been so low). Now you're telling me I have to carry lures too? Good point that I didn't think about. Maybe I'll put some of my primals and motes in the bank... I don't really need to use almost a whole bag for all of those.

Galoheart said...

Yes you can carry Lores. I don't have them all the time but when its friday night fishing i do carry a full stack.

One thing i do for really high level fishing where you really need a +100 lore. Since you can only buy like 1 or 2 at any one time is whenever i'm passing by a vendor that sells them i BUY ALL of THEM +100 Lores and then i bank them. So over time i have many. Makes fishing easier in the High Lakes of Terokkar where you need +100 lores.