Thursday, September 27, 2007

2.3... a Great Patch

So, there's been a tidal wave of information about patch 2.3 come from the official forums. Before all this was released, I would have been happy with just Zul'Aman and guild banks, but it sounds like there's going to be a ton more.

Since I play a mage, I'm most excited about the new stuff in the works for 2.3 for them.
  • Mages will soon be on the same playing grounds as warlocks in that they will be able to do a Ritual of Refreshment in which all members will be able to get food and drinks from this buffet table. No more having to create 120 water before a raid.
  • Drysc also wrote in the same post that the nerf tax on improved Fireball and Frostbolt will be gone. Hurrah! Hey, maybe I'll be able to outdamage that hunter in our guild now.
  • And Evocation will no longer be Spirit-based, but will return 15% mana every 2 seconds. Huzaah!
There's loads of other updates for 2.3 for other classes as well. Probably the easiest thing to do it check out WoW Insider for all their posts. (Sorry... I guess I'm just mage-centric.)


DadGuy said...

Those are some serious changes, I'll have to go check it out.

Girl Meets WoW said...

Time to shard those old +spirit green weapons, eh?