Friday, September 14, 2007

Starting Over

A friend of mine has recently come back to playing World of Warcraft. This is his second time coming back after deciding that WoW took over his life enough that his wife was getting seriously upset over him playing. The last time he was playing was just a short time before the expansion. Upon leaving, he deletes his characters so that there is no chance he'll be tempted to resubscribe. I mean, who would want to level to 60 again, right? Well, this time, instead of leveling to 60 70, he stole his account back from his nephew who was no longer playing. And lo and behold, his nephew had a 70 paladin. Granted it was on a different server, but the paid transfer was a heck of a lot less excruciating then taking a toon from 1-70 would have been.

It's funny to find out about all of the things that his nephew has done with is paladin. For example, I believe he said he has 3 land mounts in his bags. So... a horse (he is human after all), an epic horse, and a PVP Battle Tiger. Oh, but nevermind the fact that he's a paladin and he can summon both a normal and epic mount. lol.

Well, last night I started helping him get keyed for Karazhan. It was quite humorous the back and forth conversation that we had. We spent a good portion of time figuring out that while he had started the quest chain, he hadn't gotten the 2nd and 3rd key fragments yet. Once we got those, it was off to BM to get the actual key.

"Wait. Have you done Durnholde?" I asked. "How would I know that?" We figured he was because he has the Mount Hyjal quest, but upon attempted entry to Black Morass, he was denied. So, it was off to Durnholde to rescue Thrall. Luckily the people that we were with were all guildies where I could explain the situation. Otherwise, I'm sure they would have thought he got his account off of e-bay.

So, besides all of that confusion, we also finished off Attuman and Nightbane. So, 4 instances in one night. Granted they weren't 4 full instances, but still. Hmm... maybe I should get out of all the dungeon crawling so I can make some money every once and awhile. I'll make that my goal for the next week or so.

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Lichas said...

So Jim is back huh? Would have never have thought :)