Wednesday, September 19, 2007

One-shots with a Side of Wipe Fest

After what seemed like miscommunication for our first wipe on High King Maulgar (and not counting that attempt), we 1-shotted both High King Maulgar and Gruul the Dragonkiller. Once again, one of the huge parts of these fights is simply understanding everything that goes on, and then using the strategy given. I'm convinced that if all 25 people were to go and read the same strategy guide some place, there would be minimal attempts (assuming sufficient gear, of course). We had 3 T-4 pieces go to 2 tanks, so that should help keep those guys alive. :)

Since all 25 people were already assembled, we thought it would be a good idea to head over to Magtheridon's Lair to see what he was all about. We had one person that has experience with Mag, so after reading the fights on Bosskillers and Wowwiki, we hoped that would be enough. It really wasn't.

There are 4 groups of 3 mobs that you have to kill before you engage in the main event. And while we didn't have to do a corpse run (SS, Self-Rez, and Devine Intervention ftw), it was pretty embarrassing. I didn't learn until this morning when I read about the trash on Wowwiki that I'm supposed to be one of the ones on top of interrupting the Shadow Bolt Volley. Well no wonder we kept getting nuked by those. /sigh

And while Mag himself can be done with 4 tanks, I'm not sure the Raid Leader understood about the whole getting stronger thing with the death of each Hellfire Channelers. We had our druid tank 2 of the channelers, the last two we planned to kill. Oh yeah, that's a noob mistake on that one. (Noob for the raid leader and all the people that didn't speak up about it.) So, we had Channelers running all over the place, and it was a fast wipe. For that attempt, we didn't have 2 of our stronger healers, and some people had to leave and so we had to call it after only one attempt. Of course, it felt like about 4 attempts after suffering through the trash. Well, now that I know a little more about the trash, hopefully it won't be so bad the next time we try it.

I ended the night by skilling up fishing a bit. Got about 20 skill points while talking to friends to hit 196. (Yeah, I'm behind in that quiet a bit.)


DadGuy said...

I was going to be impressed by your +20 fishing skill until I saw how low you were. I consider 2-3 skillups good at 319. =)

gnicodemus said...

Yeah, I just started fishing again . . . Man it takes forever! But I miss fishing up nifty chests of rum and whatnot lol. Went from 242 to 244 today so grats on 20!

Leiandra said...

For some random reason, my highest fisherman in on my level 44 rogue. It's been so long since I've played him, he doesn't even have talent points allocated. Hmm... go figure.

So, I thought I'd eventually get Leiandra up there. Eventually.