Tuesday, September 25, 2007

2.2 Rolled Out Today

So, anyone that logged on last night was well aware that the realms would be down for scheduled maintenance today. Anyone that has read any Wow-related site, probably knows that 2.2 has now been launched and you can download and install it immediately. Of course, you'll have to wait until 11 am to actually be able to experience the new content. And if you're on one of the realms that the Voice Chat isn't being rolled out on yet (like Bronzebeard), you'll actually have to wait another week to fully utilize patch 2.2.

My first comment about today's patch is that the background downloader worked perfectly for me this time. I've had all the settings correct. I've checked ports on my router. But the background downloader has been spotty for me in the past. So, I started the download this morning, just in case I needed to download the whole 76 mb file. But, to my surprise, I only had to download about 4 megs I launched the downloader. Yeah! Has anyone else had an issue with the downloader or has it just been me?

Since there were no major changes to the UI this time, I imagine that 2.2 won't break my mods as usually seems to happen on patch day. Sure, the mods will need to be updated with the correct version number, but I'm guessing that most of them will be the same. If you see any of your mods or hear of any "major" ones that got completely broken in 2.2, post that here as well.

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Elinor said...

They updated the voice chat release schedule, so we might not have to wait a week. Here is the official post (sans realm list):

We have recently revised our schedule for the activation of voice chat following the patch release. On patch day, all realms will launch with voice chat disabled. This is to allow for any further testing or changes that may be required. The following day we will enable voice chat on the realms listed below. With further testing at that point, and should things go smoothly, we will enable voice chat the following day on additional realms, or potentially all realms. This schedule is of course likely to change should the testing periods show any issues that will require additional time to resolve.