Thursday, September 13, 2007

Karazhan in One Night

Background: Primogeniture uses the GEM (Guild Event Manager) mod to organize the in-game events. It's really quite simple. You install the mod, and then you sign up for events as we, the guild leadership, puts them on the calendar. For this week's runs, out of 20 slots for 2 groups, only 1 healer signed up for the run. I think it was mostly because people just weren't sure they were going to be on or not. So, to make a long story short, we canceled the "official runs" for this week. But we knew that people would form groups once healers were online, which they did.

Since I'm usually one of the people organizing them, I decided to sit back and see what would happen. Human interactions are always fascinating to me. I'm such a people watcher. It was interesting to see who grouped with whom when they weren't being told where to go.

The group that invited me and I ended up going with was probably one of our "A" teams. Tanks - well, I don't think we had our best-geared tank, but he's still an awesome player. Healers - we had our best paladin, which we always joke is like having two healers anyway, and another paladin as well. DPS - this is probably where we were most stacked. Yes, there's other people in the guild that have higher DPS then a few of us, but not much. And for my guildies that are reading this, if you weren't with us, I'm not minimizing your skill, gear or play style. Bottom Line: we just had a really, really strong group.

Well, we got started a tad late. We usually start at about 8:30, but last night it was closer to 9. We ran at break-neck speeds. After 3 and a half hours, everything was dead except for Attuman and Nightbane. (Oh, and the animal boss, but like anyone counts them.) All bosses were 1-shotted, and we got a lot of great upgrades for people as well. I think only 1 thing was sharded. And we finally got a warrior to win a T-4 item. Gratz to Rinoc.

So, while it's kind of lengthy, it is possible to do Karazhan in one night. Nightbane? Yeah, we'll finish him off tonight. We just had a few people that were too tired to 1-shot him as well.

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