Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mass Resurrection

I happen to be looking at Thottbot out of curiosity to compare how much mana you get back when rezzed by the different classes. I could be wrong, but I don't think that +healing helps out these numbers at all; they just are what they are. So, my suspecions about priests being the best rezzers were confirmed when I saw that they restore 1150 mana and 1100 health where the Shaman and Paladin only restores 800 mana and 600 health. (I had never looked at the actual numbers.) I also throught it was interesting that there aren't any resurection spells after level 60.

Well... per Thottbot, there is one resurection spell after 60. If you look at the paladin spells, you'll see the following spell that is a level 70 spell.If you look at the comments for the spell, it says that it's either an NPC only spell (think Battle Grounds) or it never made it out of TBC beta. Man... that's just too bad. Can you think of all the time that could save in a raid? With a little creative movement of groups after some deaths, each pally could rez up to 4 people at once. There's no training cost, and there's no associated "place" to learn the spell, so it sounds like there's no chance of us getting it any time soon. I guess we can cross our fingers for Northrend though.


Matticus said...

You'd think they'd make that a Priest spell, sigh.

DadGuy said...

lvl 69.

Yes, I kno wit's on a 30 minute cooldown.

It's still a rez at lvl 39 that returns 3200 health and mana. Punk. =)

DadGuy said...

agh, lvl 69. That's what I get for trying to put you in your place. :D

Leiandra said...

I knew that the Druid gave back more health and mana, so I didn't even look at them. But yes, it is a level 69 rez. I stand corrected.

Anonymous said...

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