Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What a Difference a Day Makes

I've been working on getting some badges to purple out the last few things I've wanted and help some guildies get geared up as well. The fastest, "easiest" way that we know of is Heroic Mechanar, and the general consensus tends to agree with us. So, myself, a rogue, a prot. warrior, and a feral druid all grouped up to go to Mech. In case you didn't catch that, we were short a healer. The LFG channel conjured up a resto Shaman that agreed to go with us.

If you've ever been in a group that has a know-it-all that didn't really know anything, you'll understand what this Mechanar run was like. Most of us have a lot of experience running that instance, but I'm always open to suggestions. Of course, after that run, I'm less inclined to try something new. We wiped a number of times. It got so late that I started to fall asleep. On top of the that, the Shammy wasn't geared very well at all. We ended up skipping the second to last boss, Nethermancer Sepethrea and wiping numerous times on Pathlaleon the Calculator. Overall, just a really painful run.

The next night, our same group of 4 found itself again needing a healer. As the night before, there were no guild healers available. So, off to the LFG channel again. After my first "LF Healer for Heroic Mech" post, I got a response that a level 33 had a level 70 priest that could come. Call me a skeptic, but it was almost as if he was a bit too eager to come. I imagined him in greens with maybe a couple blues from quest rewards. I pretty much imagined a repeat from the night before, but with a priest instead of a shaman. Boy, was I wrong. This guy was decked in mostly purple. Not even sure why he wanted to run Mech, to be honest. lol. It wasn't a perfect run, but it went so much smoother. We easily took down the bosses with minimal deaths. We did skip Nethermancer Septhrea again, but we gave her a couple attempts before we decided we were just too tired to try again. But we probably could have done it.

It's not really "when good groups go bad". It's just always amazing to me how the key elements like a tank or healer can make a, well... a good group go bad. (Ugh, how cliché.)


Notlok said...

Healers are overrated :)

DadGuy said...


What's up with you not sharing your profile man? =)

In a 5 man group, especially a heroic, a single good/bad player can make or break an instance.