Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Blog Links

So, I don't really talk about my Blog Links very much. I used to Google for other WoW blogs to see what else is out there. I've found a ton, and read a ton daily. Sometimes, because I have them linked on Google Reader, I forget that I don't have them posted on my site. I try to keep the ones that are relevant or interesting here on my blog. But mostly, I'm just lazy and forget that they're there. So, if you've linked to me and I haven't linked to you, I'm sorry, and I'm most likely still reading. It's not my style to have a huge list of 1 million WoW Blogs to visit, but I'm not trying to be elitist either. I also don't separate them into categories, because it generally seems that there's beneficial stuff (at least every once and awhile) for every WoW player, even if the Blog is specifically towards a certain class.

Furthermore, knowing the insights and tricks to other classes can really help out in groups or raids. I hate not knowing the names of spells, for example. "Hey, you? Shadow Priest? Use that lazor thing that gives me back mana." (Clearly showing a lack of understanding at how Vamperic Embrace and Mind Flay work.) -or- "Hey, Paladin? Fear that undead dude." (As we all know, it's "Turn Undead".) I certainly don't know every spell, and I generally get my point across, but still.

The point being: check out the links; I'm sure there's something in at least one of them that will perk your interest. Oh, and... I most likely will change them without notice. It's your responsibility to check them out. ;)

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Galoheart said...

Same here. I read a ton of blogs. I have a Bookmark list at work on the job and i have a WoW blogs list on my PC also and they are not all the same. So some i only can remember name of at work or when at home.

But i read them all when i can and i also don't have linds to them all. The ones i read most often i have linked and i actually stop at just about every page on my blog daily befor logging in to WoW. I learn perspective and things that happens to other classes or with the game itself or good to know information about all kind of things.

Sometimes it can be stuff i'm just not aware of. But though i do read all those blogs not every one i can link to or will have a blog list over 1 foot long. So some blogs i read have blog links to other blogs i read but dont have linked. So what i do when at work i just hit up a particular blog read there and then hit up the links on their own bkg listing and go from there. I cover a lot of blogs that way.