Thursday, October 11, 2007

2.3 Patch Notes

The patch notes for the 2.3 public test realm have been put up on the official forums, and you can now download the client. Sounds like the realm itself will be available about 6 pm tonight.

As I was reading over the patch notes, I kept thinking that the buffs and new things they were adding were all too good to be true. I'm not gonna post them all here, but there's just a lot of really great stuff. Sure, there's some negatives too, but mostly good stuff, in my opinion.

With my new role as guild leader, the bank feature will be just awesome. And the 10-man Zul'Aman seems like it will help the gap between Karazhan and Gruul's. I could to on, but I'd just be quoting the whole notes. Just go read them if you haven't already.

From what I've heard, 2.2 took an exceptionally long time because of technical issues with the new sound and whatnot. 2.3 seems to be right on the tails of 2.2. Don't get too gitty, it won't be out next week or anything, but when do you think 2.3 will go live?


DadGuy said...

The week after thanksgiving is my guess.

Leiandra said...

I heard a rumor last night from somebody that knows somebody that supposedly works for Blizzard, and said there was some memo that said 2.3 would be released this Tuesday.

Being that they just opened the PTR's last night, and they haven't even opened guild banks for testing, I'm gonna have to count that as a rumor; hence leaving it here buried in a comment instead of a main post.

My guess would be the beginning of November.