Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Helping Strangers

A couple of fun things happened to me while fishing this past weekend that I didn't describe yesterday. I'm sure most of you that have a high level toon have done this in some form or another, so it's certainly not new. But it can be fun.

As I was skilling up my fishing from about 200-225 in SW, I saw some poor guy begging to have somebody run him through The Stockades. Well, "begging" might not be the correct word since he was offering 3g. I suppose I was feeling generous, so I sent him a quick, blind invite, and told him to hurry up. Once we were both in the instance, I ran through arcane exploding everything. I'm too lazy to loot that low level stuff, so I put it on free loot, and I made sure not to go too far ahead, so this pally would still get credit for the kills. The 3g he gave me at the end will more than come back to him when he sells the all the green items he picked up. It was nice to help somebody, and it was fun to do. Now, not that I want to go help every lowbie that's begging in the streets, but it was fun for a change of pace.

Then on my way over to pick up my fishing quest once I hit 225, I was chatting with another paladin waiting for the boat. He was on his way to Dire Maul West to do one of the steps in his epic Charger quest. I think DM is one of the least visited instances for a 60, even before the expansion. The reason for the DM-hate, I'm guessing, is because it doesn't have any tier pieces, but also because it's just so out of the way. That's before the expansion. After the expansion, you get way better green drops in Outlands then you'd ever get out in DM. Since I kinda had to go out that way anyway to get one of the rare fish, he asked, and I said I'd help him out. This guy was pretty good at getting people together. Within seconds of me joining, he had 3 other random people in the group as well. A too low priest, a 58-ish mage, and a 60-ish rogue. We couldn't summon the priest (not sure he could get in anyway), so it was the 4 of us that finished it in record time. 2 x Pyroblasts, 2 x Fireballs, a stun by the rogue, and the trees were falling right and left. It didn't take long, and it helped the poor guy out.

So, the question for the day is: What are some of the things you've done to help random people in game? Or are you the type that never helps anyone?

p.s. Raiding summation: People were offline, attempted Gruul. Died a lot. At least we can try him again with High King Maulgar tonight.


Galoheart said...

I often help people out. Not every single time but i do it often when i have some free time and i'm not bogged down in middle of a chain quest.

Often i hear someone pleading to have someone help them on a specific quest or something and i offer to help. Last time i run a guy through RFK because he needed to find some bluetubas for a specific quest. We ran the whole instance and i let him pick up all the loot. Close to the end he had to leave to do something, so i stayed in the instance and eventually found what he needed. I just sent him a ingame mail telling him where to find it in the instance since i cleared the whole thing so its was easy for him to go back and get it then NP.

The other night while in Nagrand farming for motes for primals for a enchant i needed. I heard a guy in LFG looking for a tank for Durnholde. Whats not fun for him was i was in LFG for about 5 hrs as i'm just usually sitting in LFG, he was looking for a tank for his grou p for over 4 hours at that. I felt sorry for the guy, as i'm a tank. I would of loved to help, but my UI was not working too properly as it was day after the parch and not much worked. So i was just doing solo stuff which was easier to work on. However when people usually ask for a run of instance to twinkup their toon i never answer those. Most anything else i would.

sugarzombie said...

All the lvl 60 instances are dead because many people go to outlands at 58. It's really too bad, and I'm not looking forward to that happening to level 70 instances when the next expansion comes out.

Regarding helping random people, when helping someone I know IRL I'll usually grab whoever's nearby - Such as when I was killing everything in Raven Hill Cemetary. It just wasn't fair to steal the kills from all the right-lvl players, so I threw them an invite before clearing the whole place.