Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Karazhan - Revisited

I'll admit that it's a bit frustrating being in the position we're in. We were basically at the point of having Gruul's on farm, not needed (as a whole) to do Kara anymore, and start working on a whole bunch of other 25-man content. But when you lose 4 of your top 5 healers due to various reasons, it's forced us to re-tool a little in Karazhan.

Last week we were still working on the aftermath of the bit of guild drama we experienced. We had enough people to run one group through Karazan. We cleared all but Nightbane. Besides some major issues with Maiden (most likely due to no paladins) and Shade (still not sure which veteran player kept moving), we one-shotted all of the bosses. As for Nightbane, we gave him one try (maybe two) and then our Main Healer went afk, and didn't seem to come back. (Remind me to ask him what happened, btw.) I'm sure we could have done him as well, we just didn't get back in there after Friday.

This week, the troops are back, and we've got everything aligned to get two groups back in Kara. There's still a lot of upgrades in there for the group, especially since one of our highest DPS people is gearing up the resto Shaman to help with healing. He really enjoys that, so he'll probably make that his main. We're still recruiting (any healers on Bronzebeard Alliance interested) for a number of positions, including a tank now as well.

We've got some fun people, so as much as I'd rather be doing new content, I'll be okay running Kara as well. I suppose it's not all bad. Gives me the chance to get those enchants that have eluded me thus far. So, the Karazhan topic will continue to grow. I'll just have to figure out a way to make money since I'm not getting any gear upgrades.

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