Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scipted Events

I got all excited about writing this post because I had finally killed the last boss in all the current 5-man instances, but then I realized I still had one more. The point I was excited about, was that I was in Heroic Sethekk Halls last night, and a druid needed to come in for her epic flight form quest to summon Anzu. That was the first time I had seen, and subsequently killed, that boss. The elation was destroyed when I realized that I still haven't seen Yor in Mana-Tombs, although it is tentatively scheduled for this weekend.

As Anzu was summoned, I took the chance to take a look around at what was going on. I figured it may be one of the few times I actually see this event, so I wanted to take advantage of it. I won't give any spoilers, but it was stunning. Just one of those moments where you know they spent a lot of time on the visuals.

But it got me thinking about different scripted events in Wow (which I love, by the way). The first major scripted event I can think of that really impressed me was back in the day in Stratholme. In Slaughter Square before you can take on Ramstein the Gorger or Baron Rivendare himself, you get locked in the courtyard and there's an army of Bile Spewers and Venom Belchers that will come in and attack you in a timed sequence if you don't engage them first. If you somehow survive this onslaught, an even larger undead army comes in attempts to finish you off. Now, I made this more dramatic then most of you probably remember it, because it became so easy. But if you did it with non-epic gear, and especially in a 5-man group, it was a pretty big challenge.

Fast forwarding to the Burning Crusade, and you've got Black Morass, that is just one big scripted/timed event (cool concept btw). Even though it can be a pain in the butt, I really enjoy Harbinger Skyriss in Arcatraz as well. The bit of Blizzard humor with Millhouse Manastorm is also humorous (at least the first few times).

Oh sure, there's a ton of raid instances that are scripted as well. Think of the whole Opera Event in Karazhan for another fun example. They don't even have to be in an instance either. Battle of Darrowshire comes immediately to mind. I just really enjoy them, and thank Blizzard for some of these fun moments.

So, what are some of your fun or enjoyable scripted events in Wow?


Elinor said...

I remember my first time in Deadmines. I thought it was so cool when the Mr. Smite stomps and stuns everyone, then goes gets better weapons out of the chest.

Also I've always liked the ZF pyramid event. Back in the day it use to be a lot harder, but I still like it. Also the Hakkar event in Sunken temple is pretty good too.

DadGuy said...

I really liked the UBRS fighting event before I did it 100 times.

I also enjoyed the warlock epic mount event in dire maul.

One of the funnest questlines I've done is the Dungeon 2 set questline, which includes scripted events.

I really think opera in kara is classy.

the 2nd fight in AQ20 is pretty cool also.

There are a few others that I've always wanted to see, but will likely never get a chance to see due to them being in older content.