Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alternate Strategies

So, once again last night, we ventured into Karazhan. Once again, we made our way up to Shade of Aran. Once again, we had our strategy down, but even more refined. And... once again, we wiped. Basically, we discovered that Blizzard + Elementals = Bad. Shade cast the Blizzard just before he spawned the elementals. So, next time in, I called a full halt on DPS when Shade was at 42% and he was starting the Blizzard. It worked out much better, and people should do well to remember that little gem: don't be afraid to call a halt if you're gonna get multiple bad things at once.

After downing Shade, we headed straight for Prince (after Chess, of course). Matticus has posted a strategy that mostly worked for us the week before, so I thought I'd try it again. It's very similar to the door strategy that I had seen on may of the strategy sites before. To me, it just turns the fight into too much of a luck fight. I was skeptical about there being a safe spot where Infernals never drop. Last night, one dropped pretty much right behind the tank, and then one dropped in our laps (more or less). So, while you have a higher chance for a Infernal to drop near you if you're sitting in the middle, you also have a lot more options of where you can run to. The ability to have options is what turns the fight into strategy for me. Because we got a later start (and a few attempts on Shade), we had to call it without downing Prince. We only used the pinned up against a wall strategy last night; I think we'll go back to the more flexible position/strategy tonight, and down him. :)

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Matticus said...

Looks like you're still having difficulties with the safezone placement. It's a very precise location and it can take a few wipes to figure out which IS frustrating. Remember that Infernals will land on any number of pre-programmed locations. I don't think they're programmed to land on any pixel in the room.

Regardless, nice work on the Shade takedown! Good luck on Prince!