Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Corporate Firewalls - bah!

So, yesterday morning was your typical day for posting.  If you're reading this, you probably saw (or can look just below to see) my post.  Then... all of a sudden about mid-day, the company I work for decided to crack down on Internet traffic, I guess.  I panicked at first because every single web page I went to was blocked.  Then they loosened things up a bit to where I could visit the WoW homepage, guild forums, and even my e-mail from guild forums.  But alas, it was a crushing blow when I couldn't get to my own blog.  /sigh

Luckily, my co-worker reminded me that you can e-mail your posts.  So, today is really more of a test.  I can still see comments to my post via the e-mails that I get when somebody responds, so somebody please respond to this post so that I know it was successful.  After that, feel free to complain about corporate firewalls.  grrrr.

If the intent is to lessen traffic, why not block things that are completely irrelevant?  I work for an energy company.  Why not block things like sports web sites?  There's really no need to visit  (Which reminds me, I need to figure out links for this e-mail posting thing.)  Yes, it's a small rant.  No, this topic is probably not associated with a category, but should be.  And... well... Happy Halloween.


Elinor said...

Here is a test comment for you :)

Happy Halloween back at you.

Matticus said...


Post read =). I need something to do in this English class.

Galoheart said...

It worked!

I hate when blog sites i need to visit get blocked. after all most that's on it is text.

Leiandra said...

Thanks for the comment, all. I got them. Of course... it took an hour to post once I emailed it yesterday, and almost 4.5 hours today. Well... at least it works.