Thursday, November 1, 2007

Extreme Anglin'

I don't think I've given a formal entry for El's Extreme Anglin'.  I had seen it awhile ago, and it was mentioned in a comment as well.  But with the latest updates coming out of 2.3 and Fishing, I thought I'd make sure it was officially linked.  The two big things that I see are 1) the Tracking Journal and 2) the New Recipes.

Tracking Journal
I’ve spoken about the new tracking abilities available to everyone in 2.3.  Mostly similar to the track abilities of a hunter, paladin, herbalist, or miner, but they’ve been compacted into a nice little menu on the mini-map.  The ability to Find Fish is learned from a Weather-Beaten Journal.  These are found in various crates and trunks that you can fish up.  Doesn’t sound like it’s for the light of heart.  Even if current drop rates are improved slightly, there’s still only about an 8% chance to fish up a Curious Crate anywhere in Outlands, and then maybe a 50% (if El’s data is correct, which he says may not be so) chance to actually contain the Journal.  So… approximately a 4% drop rate.  Since my fishing got up to 290 and I can fish in Outlands, hopefully I’ll get it in my eventual ascent to 375 fishing skill.

New Recipes
There are also 6 new recipes coming out with patch 2.3.  I can’t item link them because they’re not in Allakhazam yet.  But Stormchops sound like they would be fun for melee classes (lightning occasionally zaps nearby mobs).  And for us mages (and other caster classes), the Skullfish Soup (20 Spell Critical Strike Rating and Spirit) is gonna be a lot of fun.  And what’s with Delicious Chocolate Cake making you “very happy”?  From the comments, you shoot a firework into the air and have this happy buff.  Hmm… maybe I don’t want to know.  But it seems that all of these new recipes are obtained from the daily cooking quests.  Get your skillet on, and get ready to cook.  

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