Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ret Pally Update

Last night we went up through the gauntlet again.  There were a number of tries, and then we had a healer that had to log, so we switched things up a bit.  We brought in the retribution paladin I was talking about, and essentially had him tank the birds.  It may not have been the best use of all his abilities, but it kept the masses off of us.  And, quite honestly, it made the encounter so easy.  We walked up to the Eagle boss in one attempt with the paladin.  In recognition, we also had one of our DPS shaman throwing heals to keep the paladin alive.

So… to sum it up.  Bring a paly to tank the birds.

For the actual boss, we got him down to about 40%.  I'm guessing we'll get him down this weekend some time.

Happy Thanksgiving all.  I’ll most likely post again on Monday.

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