Friday, November 9, 2007

Why Do We Do Dailies?

Lately I’ve been a lot more diligent about doing my dailies out in Blade’s Edge Mountains.  The driving force behind this is simply the aprox. 7.5g that I get from each of 3 pretty easy quests, and the 6g (and speed boost) from The Relics Emanation.    I look around at all my friends that have epic flying mounts, and I want one too.  My wife even got me a license plate holder that says “My Other Ride is a Flying Epic Mount”.  I really should make that an honest statement.

I’ve probably spent too much time in dungeons where you make less money, and neglected most quests.  I had no problem buying my flying mount, but probably stopped doing quests shortly after that.  In fact, I also realized that there’s very few quests in Nagrand (I knew that one) and Shadowmoon Valley (completely forgot about these) that I have completed.  And most of them are as easy as the dailies.

Oddly enough though, I’m not worried about the speed of the mount.  Yeah, the armor on the standard griffon looks cool, but that’s not really my goal either.  Ever since I first got sight of the Nether Drakes, I wanted one.  They just look so dang cool.  And of course, you can’t get past Neutral reputation with them until you have your 300 riding skill.  So, you need 5200g just to start the reputation grind.

I was thinking about this last night as I was doing my dailies.  One of my rich friends came out to where I was wrangling Aether Rays to get an enchant from me.  (He actually got his money off somebody else that quit the game, but that’s a whole different story.)  And he told me that he hasn’t done his dailies in a long time; there’s basically no motivation for it anymore.

So, when is enough gold… enough?  Once you buy the most expensive thing in the game (300 riding skill), and you’ve got enough to take care of your repairs, how much more do you need?  Sure, there’s still those insanely expensive World Drop Patterns that you’ve been ogling.  And I guess there’s the potential to have something similar to another level of riding skill once the next expansion comes out, but I imagine that 5000g will look about what 1000g did before the expansion came out once the new expansion comes out.  Oh, and there’s always that alt addiction… easier to make money when you have money, so why not have your main finance your alt’s epic flyer?  But seriously… when do you have “enough” money?


Matticus said...

My wife even got me a license plate holder that says “My Other Ride is a Flying Epic Mount”

PICTURES! (You can blur the numbers itself, I just wanna see such a plate on a car, haha)

Sushiboy said...

If you would just be a gold farmer like I was you can cut out a lot of work :)

DadGuy said...

The game is designed to be a money sink. The economy is balanced around that, so it takes a certain amount of in-game time to get your flying epic mount. After that it's a nickel and dime kind o fthing. There are the darkmoon cards and other rarities. If you want there's always something out there to persue with money. Of course it gets to a point where it's just not worth it anymore, and I think that's what happens with a lot of people after their epic riding skill.

Anonymous said...

You'll have enough money when all 10 of your toons have an epic flying mount. So I'd say you about 75,000 G would do it for me.

Leiandra said...

lol... I'll put in on my list of things to do, Matticus.

Yeah, I'd much rather have the gold sink of a 5000g training vs. a weekly housing cost such as EQ2. I know it wasn't much for my 1-bedroom place in EQ2, but that money sink just kinda bugged me. Then again, I've never really been into the player housing.

Hmm... thinking of housing though. I know a ton of people want it. Maybe this guild vault will be a pre-cursor to a guild hall. For some reason, that's much more appealing than my own personal house. (Talk about hijacking my own post.)

Galoheart said...

I knw how you feel. I just have a regular mount and i soo want to get a Epic Mount and my delima is also that being a tank is a gold sink in constant work at upgrading gear it top shape. So that means instancing or raiding.

But i want my Epic mount as it means to faster everything. Faster farming, faster to zone, faster questing, faster anything. Faster to make my money back too. As for what to buy when you have enough? Who knows whats going to be the big things to get in the next expansion. Best have a resonable gold fund so a person is not broke in the next expansion when it arrives.