Thursday, November 15, 2007

Quick Comment: Daily Cooking Quest

One other thing that I wanted to mention as a sort of "duh" moment.  For whatever reason, I really want the new cooking recipes that come out of the daily cooking quests.  Tuesday night, I went out and made 3 Warp Burgers and got a Giant Kaliri Wing from the Monstrous Kaliris in Skettis, and made that into some soup or something to go turn in.  No recipe.

Last night after our raid, I switched computers to go sit on the couch, and then I was given the assignment to go pick berries out in the Eco-Domes in Netherstorm.  Taking my trusty epic flying mount (not rubbing it in, just really glad I have it), I flew up there to start gathering.  Well, I saw the bushes, they were even a little sparkly, but I couldn’t loot them.  I searched all over to make sure those were the bushes I was supposed to loot, and I’m pretty sure they were.  I ended up opening a trouble ticket to hopefully get it fixed.  I had minimal mods installed, so I doubted it was that.  After waiting around for awhile, I opened the chat channel window for some reason, and I noticed that Draycen was still in my party.  Even though there was no other indication of it, no other toons or raid windows showing up… apparently I was still in a raid.  I left the raid, looted the berry and closed my own ticket.  So odd, but I also felt kinda stupid.

Oh, and I didn’t get a recipe either.


elinor said...

I have been focusing on fishing instead of cooking lately, and just I got the fishing pool tracking manual thingy last night.

I fished it out of a pool of sage fish in southshore. Now I will be able to find those furious crawdad schools up in skettis easier.

Kestrel said...

Tuesday and Wednesday, I got new recipes (including the, to me, useless Stormchops...think Dragonbreath Chili, only with lightning), but today instead of a recipe I got fish bones. Joy.

smith said...
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