Friday, November 16, 2007

More Armory Updates

True to their word, Blizzard has implemented changes to the Armory in association with Patch 2.3.  Once you log on to with your user name and password, if you have access to your guild’s vault, you’ll be able to see “Bank Contents” and, of course, the “Bank Log”.  (Although, I really think they should stick with the word “Vault”.  It gets much less confusing if you call your personal space a bank and the guild’s space a vault, but that’s just my opinion.)

You can also see the guild Message of the Day and Guild Info (that little button on the guild tab that can hold any guild information you want).  Even the names the GM has made for each tab and the associated icon are in the Armory.  (Although it appears that the icon for one of my tabs isn’t loaded on the web site yet.)  Also your in game guild tabard shows (you can see that for any guild without logging in).

There’s also a nifty way to search through your whole Guild Vault.  There is a list of all items your Guild Vault holds that can be sorted by Item Name, Type, Subtype, and a few other things.  It also tells you in which tab the item is located.  Especially with a possible 6 tabs and 98 slots each, items could probably be able to get lost very easily.  This will help.

Lastly, in who deposited/withdrew what of the Bank Log, you can see the rank names for your guild.  So, instead of Rank 1 in my guild, you now see Tanist.  Now… if only you could do all the guild administration and moving items from the web site.  Yeah… I’m probably asking for too much then.

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