Monday, December 1, 2008

Wotlk Content Finishers

So, I understand that there are a number of guilds that have finished all of the Wotlk content. Good for them. The ex-Nihlium or whatever did it in like 3 days. Good for them. There's at least 2 guilds on our server that have finished everything as well. Good job guys.

But then there's the rest of us. Probably the 99.9% of the Wow community that hasn't done that yet. There's maybe the 90% of the people that haven't hit 80 yet. Now granted, there's some people that just don't want to raid, so even my estimations are most likely skewed.

So, I was thinking about Ghostcrawler's post that basically said that the difficulty of Wotlk is good. I was thinking about all the games that I've rented from Blockbuster, back in the day. Within 1 week, I could generally beat most of the games I rented. Sure, I burned a little more midnight oil than normal sometimes, but I'd generally finish things. Maybe not EVERYTHING, but most things.

Now there's this new era of games called MMO's. Games that people schedule vacations around launches so they can level up as soon as possible. Games that have a huge age range of players. Also there's varying degrees of game time availability. Some people play for a couple hours per week, and some play for 23 hours per day. (Hey, you have to sleep a little, right?)

So, this time around, they didn't make it so you have to spend months raiding in hopes to get one piece of gear like it was in Vanilla Wow. They scaled things down quite a bit so that more people get to see the content. That also means that these hardcore people get to level multiple alts... perfect reputations. Work at getting ALL achievements. All in all, for my $40 and $15 per month... I still think we're getting our money's worth.

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