Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vehicles and Mounts

I was in Grizzly Hills last night questing with my wife who is still level 73. Out of habit of using my old flying mount, I clicked on my bear mount (to stay on the ground with her) thinking that it would kick me off my magic carpet and summon my bear. Instead, I summoned my bear mount on top of my magic carpet, as you can see from the screen shot.

What I find even more amusing is that Leiandra decided to surf the bear as if it were the carpet. So, you have a mage surfing a bear, who's riding a carpet.

For those that didn't realize, a magic carpet is considered a vehicle. This means that it has it's own hit points (almost 9k), can't be dazed, or rooted for that matter (that last one is per wowwiki, if I'm understanding it correctly). There's some negatives to it as well. You can't just cast a spell to dismount like you can your other mounts. Which is something that I'm very used to doing. And it seems to take a second (maybe less) to actually dismount.

It has it's own little pet bar where you can dismount and attack. When I first saw the "attack" button, I got excited thinking about it. I guess I figured that somewhere, there was a little Abu and I'd be able to fling the monkey up into the air. Instead, I get the message of "unable to attack that" every time. Kind of disappointing, but I suppose asking it to be able to actually attack would be too much. Or having one of those Mammoths attack with their huge tusks... yeah, that would be unrealistic as well.

So, instead of attacking, I get to surf on a bear that's balancing on a flying carpet. All things considered, I guess it's a fair trade.

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