Thursday, December 4, 2008

Veteran of the Wrathgate

For those that haven't quite gotten there yet, I wanted to highlight a "Fun Quest" (as my category puts it). Really, it's more of a required quest line. If you have a toon at 80 and you missed these quests, you must go back and do it. Now.

I'm talking about the quest line for the Veteran of the Wrathgate achievement. It's probably best to simply go look it up on Wowhead on the link provided. It's about 20 quests for the Horde and 30 quests for the Alliance. I believe they're pretty much all in Dragonblight. Pretty easy quests. They're all soloable. Good xp as well.

Why should I drop everything to do this now, you ask? Am I that obsessed with achievements that I think you must do all of them? No, of course not. The reason for the urgency and prodding is that once you turn in Return to Angrathar (the alliance one linked, Horde one is here), you get to see this sweet in game movie.

I won't say anything about it to avoid spoilers, but I think it's a lot of fun how Blizzard really has thrown Arthas in our face ever since we entered Northrend, just like they said they would. It really feels like everyone has a chance to mess with him, very much unlike Illidan in the Burning Crusade.

What are you still doing here? Go quest, now!


Crashandburn said...

I did this quest chain (for the horde!) whilst levelling in Dragonblight as I knew it was a big deal but fortunately had managed to avoid a lot of the spoilers. This and the follow-up are some of the most epic stuff I've done in game, gratz have to go to Blizzard for implementing this stuff in the expansion.

Rogosh said...

Even though I did this quest in Beta it still as just as cool live. Hands down one of my favorite all time quests in WoW.

If you haven't done it, you REALLY have to go.. amazing.

Artorin said...

This quest line and the Matthias quest line in Icecrown are must do quests for anyone in my opinion.

Darraxus said...

Yeah, this quest line was awesome. I look forward to some more epic quest lines.

Herc said...

There's another epic quest line at Storm peaks that is easy to miss. There you'll see how arthas removed frostmourne .. ok I'll stop now.

Check it out!

Artorin said...

Herc that quest was in Dragonblight and earlier in that chain you see Arthas ordering the burning of the boats. Unless there is another one involving frostmourne(which is possible since I skipped Stormpeaks all together when leveling.)