Tuesday, December 23, 2008

AH = EBay

I was chatting with one of my raid leaders last night about things that were almost completely unrelated to Wow... until now. *queue ominous music* She works at a comic book store, and she was telling me how she just got their e-bay business/store back up and going, and she's doubled e-bay sales in the first month. (Double over when it was running.)

Then I started thinking about her Wow life. Among the many things she does, she's a very good player of the Auction House. Her alt jewelcrafter made enough money to completely pay for Epic Flying Training and a lot of the rare BoE gem cuts. She also took over selling the excess stuff out of the guild vault, where she's always turned a great profit as well. So... her doing a great job at work with e-bay was no surprise at all.

All in all... it's just another example of the lessons you can learn from playing Wow. Add micro-economics of the things you can learn from this video game.

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Michael said...

Like it or not, WoW servers have real living economies. While they are not always good simulators for real-world economics, the basic rules of supply/demand, risk/opportunity still apply.