Monday, December 22, 2008

Hard Habit to Break

I think at times I can be kind of stubborn in my ways, maybe even compulsive to a degree. Kind of reminds me of a smoker... with all the knowledge and education we have about how smoking kills you, there's a lot of people that keep doing it. "Why?" I ask. Why? Why? Call it stubborn, call it dedicated, call it whatever.

Leiandra, my mage, has always been my main character. She has always had tailoring and enchanting as professions. I've respec'ed her very few times. I think I've only paid for 2, maybe 3 respec's, and one of those times was because I didn't put the points exactly how I felt they should be. (Although I have tried most specs due to talent point resets, PTR's, Beta, etc.) Once it was available, I choose to specialize in Spellcloth and I haven't given that one up either.

Which is kind of funny that Leiandra is so set in her ways. My alts were willing to try anything and everything. My priest did healing duty (both as holy and disc), and was also shadow quite a bit. My shaman's done all three trees as well. (Probably my worst toon as far as gear is concerned. Getting multiple sets of gear was never my forte.)

So what's the point I'm making here besides rambling? I posted awhile ago about the different specializations in tailoring for Wrath, and also how much + hit I need for raiding. So, I'm pretty sure I'm going to respecialize to Ebonweave so I can make the necessary cloth to make the two pieces of Ebonweave gear. That will bring me (with current gear) to 280. It's not quite 368, but it's 83 points closer.

My wife's shadow priest is already Ebonweave specialized, but she's pretty far away from 415 skill, so I can't use her cooldowns yet. And I could always make a set of these for her as well. I don't know... it just feels so... warlocky for me to go this specialization. It makes my skin crawl. But, in the name of + hit, I guess I do what I have to do.

If need be, I suppose I can go Moonshroud for a bit so that I can cleanse out that icky feeling. Then I can help my wife get her healing gear. :)


dadguy said...

My lock is 395ish tailoring. I'd be willing to whore out my cooldowns anytime you wish for help in him lvling up tailoring. I will understand if you choose to respec anyhow, but isn't it dropping the skill and completely levelling up again? If it's jsut for 2 pieces that seems a bit extreme. =)

Leiandra said...

Yes, that would be extreme. No, you can simply go to the specialization person and tell them you want to unlearn the specialization. If you believe comments on Wowhead, it's something like 150g. Even that would be a bit extreme in my opinion for just 2 pieces. But with the current options of what can be crafted, I think the 22-slot bags would be the biggest money makers, of which everyone can use, and Ebonweave and Moonshroud are components... but not Spellweave.