Monday, December 29, 2008

Research, Research, Research

Do you ever get too busy with stuff to do stuff? lol.

Since I have hit 80, I've noticed that I've spent quite a bit of time over at Elitist Jerks. I've found that I really enjoy the control and survivability I get from Frost, but I doubt I'm doing the highest DPS I can. I've even played with Deep Freeze even though it has almost no use in Pve, and I seldom used it in my adventures through questing. Right, right... it's a Pvp spell. Kinda a shame that they took out the damage component, but whatever.

So, now I'm left wondering if I'm so low on the damage meters because of my gear, my spec, or because I suck. I'm guessing it's mainly due to the first, possibly some of the second, and hopefully very little of the last. With Focus Magic in my spec, I consider myself partly utility. The Water Elemental's Mana regen helps with that as well. I really enjoy the solo'ing/questing with Frost, but I'm sure I can do more dps with Frostfire.

Besides all that mage talk, I've been researching Holy and Shadow spec's for my wife's toon as well. She's still not even close to 80, but I want to be informed for when she does get there.

Long story short: I've been researching my own personal things way too much bother with this silly blog. lol. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.


Anonymous said...

I play as frost with a 11/0/60 build with very average gear and put out ~2500 DPS. I only have a couple raid epics (T7 gloves/leggings) I scored off of Archavon, the rest I got from Heroics and reputation. My best DPS was 2796 against Archavon, which put me 3rd in the PuG behind two hunters. Not great for end game raiding, but not too shabby considering my gear and limited access to raid quality gear. This is without the glyph of frostbolt and a pure raid spec. With the frostbolt glyph and a couple talent point change I could surpass 3k. Raid buffed I'm around 1800 SP with capped spell hit and 17% crit. Just be smart with your trinkets, mirror images, water elemental, and icy veins, and cold snap. Don't give up on frost yet!

Leiandra said...

I think I'm at 1300 SP and I miss 5% of the time with crit at 10%. So... yeah, I'm gonna say it's the gear. And I'd better go back to my original gear choices/goals of getting hit capped.

Anonymous said...

I hit 80 and was the only mage in my guild. LOL! so needless to say i got full T7 in less then a week. I lvl'd frost and at 73 went arcane/fire. I realy enjoyed that spec but was only pulliung at max on bosses about 2800 dps. so i tried out the Fire/Frost spec and never looked back. (for raid) i now pull about 3000 to 3500 dps on trash and around 4000 on bosses, I was at 4100 on the 25 man sartharion fight. untill i was pulling aggro and had to stop dps for 2 min LOL. I loved frost but would suggest anyone who is looking for more dps to try Fire frost spec, its worth it. By the way Im not hit capped have around 1700 sp unbuffed and 2400 in raid buffs. I dont plan on capping my hit. I got it to 10% and i never miss. crit is at 22% and 32% on fire spells. so for all those mages terrified about hit cap. id say go more spell power after u get to 10%. It works for me. Hope that could be some help.