Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Which Way Did He Go, George?

Last night, we stepped in to Black Temple again to go play with our friend, Supremus. We hadn't really had any solid attempts on him. Mostly just one attempt after killing Naj and before everyone needed to go to sleep.

However, last night, things happened a bit too smoothly. We almost effortlessly cleared the trash leading up to Supremus. And then we 1-shotted him in about 1/2 the time of the enrage timer. (15-minute enrage timer.) Previously, we had a hard time in the transition back to phase 2 where the tanks need to pick him up again. And he'd start killing tanks right and left since the healers had run away. So, we tried a different strategy, and needless to say, it worked.

I really hadn't planned to go any further than Supremus. He was kind of the plan for the night. But we killed him so quickly that we had to press on. I had researched the Shade of Akama fight, but it had been awhile. Furthermore, I had no idea how to actually get there or what trash mobs we would be encountering. So, from maps, I took an educated guess, and we moved towards Shade of Akama. We learned as we went, and got through the trash, and had a couple of feeble attempts at Shade of Akama.

Sometimes our guild is just too good. I really need to overprepare for the boss fights so I don't get caught looking like I did last night.


Shalkis said...

Akama is all about control. If your guild remembers Razorgore well, Akama shouldn't be a problem. It might seem chaotic at first, but once everyone learns their part, it's one of the easiest encounters in the Black Temple.

Michael said...

In my opinion, taking a couple feeble attempts on a new boss is a huge boost to actually learning it.

Having seen the boss-fight first-hand greatly helps in understanding a strategy write-up from bosskillers or whatever. While reading-up prior to the first-encounter is valuable, you'll get more bang for your raiding-time if you always take the opportunity to try-out a new boss, even if no-one has prepared. (Call it after 1-3 attempt tho, after that you'll need some in-depth research.)

Leiandra said...

And that's pretty much exactly what we did, Michael. Always good to know that I made the right choice. :)